Todd Phillips Says He Doesn’t See His Joker “Fighting Anybody”

One of the most interesting aspects of Joker is undoubtedly his conflict with Gotham’s Caped Crusader. And yet, fans will see very little about the Batman-Joker quarrel in the upcoming Joker movie by Todd Phillips. In a recent interview with Comicbook, the director has explained the lack of Batman’s influence on the story of the upcoming movie.

“There was probably a little more in earlier cuts, maybe,” Phillips said. “There definitely was a little more everything in the earlier cuts, but it was really about how fun it is that we get to keep one foot in the comic book world and one foot in not and like you said find that balance…It wasn’t like ‘oh and you have to mention the Batmobile and you have to…’ none of that. It was literally like ‘yeah, we’re going to take this leap on this movie. Just go for it and do it.'”

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Phillips went on adding that his Arthur Fleck/Joker isn’t exactly the type of guy who is picking fights with masked men.

“This movie just stands on its own,” he added. “I don’t see that Arthur Fleck fighting anybody.”

The director’s last sentence is really interesting because it creates a question: does Phillips mean that Joker isn’t fighting any superhero, or anyone at all? The footage in the trailers implies that Fleck will have to fight on at least one occasion.

Joker opens in theaters on October 4. Would you have preferred to see a less “realistic” Clown Prince of Crime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.