DC Announces the New Batman Creative Team For 2020

Happy Batman Day! And while DC already announced the Fortnite X Batman crossover, it’s not the only big news for the Dark Knight. The publisher has also revealed the new creative team for the ongoing Batman comic book series.

James Tynion IV and artist Tony Daniel will be taking over the Batman comic following Tom King’s run. Both Tynion and Daniel have extensive Dark Knight experience. Tynion wrote Detective Comics for the DC Rebirth relaunch; which put the focus on the next generation of Gotham City heroes including Red Robin (Tim Drake), Batwoman, Spoiler, Orphan, Batwing, Azrael, and even Clayface. Additionally, Tynion provided backup stories for Scott Snyder’s Batman run, co-wrote Batman Eternal, and wrote the three Batman/TMNT crossovers.

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Daniel joined the Batman franchise in 2007 during Grant Morrison’s run on the title. He went on to write and draw the Batman: Battle For the Cowl miniseries as well as a six-issue story in the main book. Following DC’s New 52 reboot in 2011, Daniel was also the writer and artist of Detective Comics.

King’s final issue of Batman will be #85; which will wrap up the “City of Bane” storyline. From there, King and artist Clay Mann will work on a 12-issue Batman/Catwoman miniseries. Tynion and Daniel will headline the primary series in January 2020, with the release of Batman #86.

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