Superheroes Turn Evil in DC’s ‘The Infected’ Comic Event

Over the last several months, DC has been shining a light on its colorful assortment of rogues for the Year of the Villain event. Now, it looks like some of the heroes are about to embrace their inner darkness. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that DC is launching a event under The Infected banner.

The storyline picks up after the events of the recently-concluded The Batman Who Laughs miniseries. In that series, the title character (an alternate Batman infected with Joker toxin) attempted to infect the mainstream continuity’s Dark Knight with the same virus. Although this dark reflection of Batman was eventually captured, the final issue revealed that he managed to infect Commissioner Gordon. The upcoming Batman/Superman series will see other DC heroes falling prey to the same transformation. DC previously revealed that Shazam, Supergirl, and Hawkman are among the Infected. Based on some of the cover art, the untainted heroes will have their work cut out for them.

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A total of six heroes will turn evil during The Infected event. On November 6, DC is releasing The Infected: King Shazam! by Sina Grace and Joe Bennett. The following week, Hawkman #18 and Supergirl #36 will showcase their darker turns as well. On November 20, The Infected: Scarab will center on an infected Blue Beetle. Two additional heroes will also receive their own Infected issues in December. However, DC is keeping their identities a secret for now.

Batman/Superman #1 hits stores on Wednesday, August 28. You can check out four covers for The Infected story arc in the gallery below.

Are you excited to witness the chaos caused by the infected heroes? Who do you think the other two characters will be? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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