Boom Studios’ The Magicians Comic Introduces a New Class

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Boom! Studios will publish a new five-issue comic book series, The Magicians; which will feature a new group attending Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. Series creator Lev Grossman will co-write the series Lilah Sturges alongside artist Pius Bak. The first issue will arrive both digitally and in comic book stores on November 6.

The Magicians universe is deep and rich and there are so many places and stories that the books just never got to,” said Grossman in a press statement. “Lilah and Pius are going to take us there — with me kibitzing over their shoulders — and it’s going to be incredible.”

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“There are so many things to say in this world…so many potential stories just waiting to be told,” added Sturges. “Setting [the new series] at Brakebills gives us the chance to tell all new stories in a familiar setting, with a mixture of existing and new characters, and give readers something that feels very fresh while being unmistakably The Magicians.”

A brief look at the first issue is below, featuring a glimpse of the new students in the group.

Will you be reading The Magicians when it hits shelves and digital storefronts? Let us know in the comments below!

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