Doctor Doom Screenwriter Says the Movie Is “Done”

The chances of seeing Doctor Doom in the MCU in the immediate future seem low. Yet there is a lot of interest surrounding his character. Back in 2017, Legion screenwriter Noah Hawley revealed he was working on a Doctor Doom solo movie. In a recent interview with Deadline, the screenwriter said that the movie’s script is “done.” However, nothing is being done with it at present.

“I mean, where it stands is now that the movie is done and Legion is done and I’ve taken a little time off because someone told me there was this word “vacation,” which means you don’t work, which sounded really interesting to me,” he said. “But you know, I need to circle back to them and announce that I would love to make it and figure out if that’s something that is possible. Whether or not they already have a plan in place for what to do with those characters or whether they’re open to my kind of vision for what to do with those characters. But it’s sort of on me right now to go push them, which I will do as soon as I come up for air.”

It appears when he says “done,” he mostly means the studio is done working on developing it. At least for now.

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The charismatic Marvel villain has played a pivotal role in Fox’s Fantastic Four franchise. With a new FF movie recently teased, fans are wondering when and where he will start his MCU adventure. However, he may have received too much attention, as he appeared in three movies already. (Not counting the unreleased Roger Corman version.) Marvel will probably want to keep this character in storage for a little bit. He will likely follow the same path as Spider-Man villains we’ve already seen in the past.

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