Batman: Hush Star Says Fans Should Give Robert Pattinson a Chance

Portraying or voicing Batman is no easy job, given the high expectations from fans and critics alike. Jason O’Mara knows it well, since he has voiced the Caped Crusader for over 10 animated movies. Reflecting on the role in a recent interview with Comic Book Movie, the Batman: Hush star explained the reason fans should at least give Robert Pattinson a chance for his upcoming role of Bruce Wayne.

“I think what’s key in all of this for any actor playing Batman, including this new fella Robert Pattinson who’s got his work cut out, and by the way, I think everyone should give the kid a chance, but at the same time I think what’s really important is that we’re all just there to serve this character,” O’Mara said. “Batman was around long before I was born and he’ll be around long after I’m gone.”

Truth to be told, fans didn’t want to give a chance to Michael Keaton or Ben Affleck at first. And we all know how that ended. Given O’Mara’s long history with the Caped Crusader, his endorsement for Robert Pattinson is a blessing for the young actor.

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Then O’Mara addressed the importance of the legacy of wearing Batman’s cape.

“You wear the Bat symbol for a short amount of time and all you can really hope to do is leave it in a slightly better place than where you found it and that’s it,” he added. “You move on and so any opportunity you get, you just do the best work that you can and it’s up for others to decide whether it’s any good or not.”

Batman: Hush is now available on the digital and domestic market. Do you agree with Batman: Hush star Jason O’Mara’s words about Robert Pattinson? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.