The Batman Who Laughs Claims His First Victim

Warning: There are massive spoilers ahead for The Batman Who Laughs #7!

This week, Batman’s rematch with his evil counterpart, the Batman Who Laughs left the real Dark Knight victorious. However, the Batman Who Laughs may have gotten the last laugh in this case. On the final page, Scott Snyder and the artist known as Jock revealed that Commissioner James Gordon has been corrupted by the Batman Who Laughs. And Gordon has successfully hidden his new allegiance from everyone.

To better understand what happened, it’s necessary to know that the Batman Who Laughs is an alternate Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse. When the Joker of his world died, the Batman Who Laughs was infected by a toxin that remade him in the Joker’s image. During the recent Batman Who Laughs miniseries, he tried to turn the real Batman and all of Gotham City as well. Even after Batman’s triumph, Gordon was still infected…and he’s not the only one.

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The upcoming Batman/Superman ongoing series will pick up the thread from this story, as more infected heroes are revealed. In the preview pages below, Shazam’s alter ego, Billy Batson, reveals that he’s one of the Infected. Both Supergirl and Hawkman were recently confirmed Infected victims as well. And more DC heroes may soon be transformed as well. Batman/Superman # will hit stores on Wednesday, August 28.

What do you think about James Gordon’s transformation into an evil version of himself? And which heroes will be the next to be corrupted? Share your predictions below!

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