New Birds of Prey Comic Series Coming This Fall

Harleen Quinzel, Dinah Lance and Helena Bertinelli are back as DC has just announced a new Birds of Prey comic series debuting in October. This fall, DC’s fan-favorite villains Black Canary, Harley Quinn and Huntress will lock horns with a new threat called Las Esposas de la Muerte. Writer Brian Azzarello will team up with artists Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, and Trish Mulvihill for his new adventure under the DC banner.

“It’s cool to have a story to tell about these characters I’ve never worked on before, with Ema, a terrific artist I’ve never worked with before,” Azzarello said. “Having Harley involved screws with the new BOP dynamic—hell, with every dynamic. She’s chaos, but she might be the most together member of the team. Canary, Huntress, and Montoya have a lot of damaged baggage. Ema and I are gonna unpack it.”

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“I’m thrilled to work on Birds of Prey with Brian Azzarello,” added Lupacchino. “The Birds are a super-team I’ve never worked on before but that I‘ve always loved. Harley is shining with her craziness, which is something I love to draw. The story is GREAT. We’re introducing interesting, energetic new characters and have developed designs for their costumes that will instantly give fans an idea about their nature. It’ll be a fantastic run. This will be a lovely opportunity to bring these women to life and let the reader feel their emotions. I’ll give them their energy and power.”

Birds of Prey #1 will debut on shelves on October 30. You can see the cover for the upcoming Birds of Prey series below.

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