Marvel’s Contagion Miniseries Arrives This Fall

Last week, the House of Ideas announced plans to resurrect the Marvel Zombies for a new series arriving this fall. But it turns out that won’t be the only horror-themed story that the company is releasing around Halloween. Via, Marvel will debut a new five-issue weekly miniseries titled Contagion in October.

Contagion is comprised of five issues and comes from writer Ed Brisson and a revolving door of artist. Brisson has previously written Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, and Dead Man Logan. The series will feature art from Roge Antonioo, Stephen Segovia, Mack Chater, Damian Couciero, and Adam Gorham. Additionally, all five covers will be drawn by Juan José Ryp, who is best known for co-creating Avatar Press’ Black Summer with Warren Ellis.

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The series kicks off with a mysterious infection taking over New York City. Its origins are still unclear, but the outbreak will infect both heroes and civilians while “draining them of their life force” and “stealing their knowledge and abilities.” Judging by the covers, the task of stopping the infection will fall to Iron Fist, the Thing, Moon Knight, and Jessica Jones.

“I cannot wait for readers to see this story,” said editor Jake Thomas. “It’s a different kind of threat than our heroes are usually up against, and watching all their usual defenses crumble is going to be crazy exciting, and more than a little scary! We’ve assembled a great team of artists, and Ed Brisson is firing on all cylinders, doing some of the creepiest, funniest, and most emotionally taut writing of his career. It’s everything you want out of a big, crazy Marvel event, all packed into one wild month!”

You can see the covers for all five issues of Contagion in the gallery below. Will you be checking out the series when it arrives this fall? Let us know in the comment section!

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