Marvel Teases Powers of X and House of X with New Character Designs

For months now, Marvel has been concentrating all of its psychic energies into touting Powers of X and House of X as the comic event of the year. But other than the vague promise to shake up the X-Men’s world, we still don’t know much about either miniseries. The publisher also continues to hype the titles with glimpses at new characters about to make their comic book debut. Now, via Marvel’s official website, they’re offering readers a look at an early stage of the design process.

These early renderings come courtesy of R.B. Silva, who will be handling art duties for Powers of X. Each of these characters will make their inaugural appearance in that series’ first issue. Unfortunately, many of editor Jordan D. White’s notes (including the characters’ names) have been redacted. Despite this, there are still plenty of noticeable details to speculate on.

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Powers of X is supposed to cover the past, present, and future of mutantkind. That makes it difficult to assume where these characters will fit into the overall continuity of the series. However, some definitely look more villainous than others. The first and fourth designs appear to be androids, both of which have menacing dispositions. It’s also worth noting that the latter character has a helmet resembling that of Juggernaut. Plus, one of White’s notes for the third design refers to the female character’s weapon as a Soulsword. This all but confirms that she is an alternate version of Colossus’ sister, Magik.

The first issues of Powers of X and House of X go on sale next month. You can check out Silva’s designs in the gallery below. Do you have any additional theories about the new characters? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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