Marvel’s Strikeforce Team-Up Series is Coming in September

It looks like Marvel Comics is about to introduce its own Suicide Squad. Via The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel is launching a new title that will bring together a slew of antiheroes under one roof. The series is titled Strikeforce and will arrive in comic shops this fall.

According to Marvel, the book will follow several morally flexible heroes who “join forces for a monsteriffic bloodbath.” As the cover for the series’ first issue shows, the team includes Blade, the Winter Soldier, Angela, and Spider-Woman. However, other characters, such as Wiccan, Monica Rambeau, Daimon Hellstrom will get a piece of the action as well. Together, they will be tasked with “doing the dirty jobs the Avengers and other Marvel heroes can’t do!”

The majority of these characters have no direct link to each other. However, with the exceptions of Angela and Hellstrom, all of them have been Avengers.

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Strikeforce comes from writer Tini Howard and artist German Peralta. Howard signed an exclusive contract with Marvel earlier this year and subsequently lent her talents to Thanos, Age of Conan: Belit, and Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1. Meanwhile, Peralta has worked with Marvel on Cable and Age of X-Man: Prisoner X.

You can check out the cover for the first issue below. What do you think about the premise for Marvel’s Strikeforce series? What characters are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comment section below!

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