First Look At Savage Avengers #2

Thanks to the events of Avengers: No Road Home, Conan the Barbarian is trapped in the modern Marvel Universe.  Unfortunately, Conan wasn’t the only one from the Hyborian Age has also returned. Last month, Marvel debuted the Savage Avengers, an ongoing series about a new unsanctioned team featuring Conan, Wolverine, Venom, Punisher, and Doctor Voodoo. Conan and Wolverine fought in the first issue before reaching a mutual understanding with each other. However, Voodoo was seemingly murdered in a bid to raise an ancient god.

In Superhero Hype’s first look at Savage Avengers #2,  Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Deodato reveal that one of Conan’s old foes is behind the plot. Johan Richter, a German pilot, also enters the spotlight. During World War II, Johan crashed landed in the Savage Land. Johan was already an evil man before he arrived. But now he’s been elevated into a threat that even the deadliest Marvel heroes can’t face alone.

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Here’s the official description from Marvel: “The Hand has teamed up with the evil wizards of the Hyborian Age to summon a death god from a celestial hell. The only thing standing between Earth and destruction is the Savage Avengers: Conan, Wolverine, Punisher and Voodoo. Plus: Logan donates blood, changing one Avenger forever. And Conan discovers a dark secret squirming in a genie bottle.  Your new favorite ongoing series is knives out in its second chapter.

Savage Avengers #2 will hit comic shops on Wednesday, June 5. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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