Exclusive Preview: DC’s Dog Days of Summer #1

Summer is just around the corner, but DC is getting things started a little bit early. This week, DC is releasing Dog Days of Summer #1, an 80 page special with eight summer themed stories. Krypto and Superman are sharing the spotlight in “The Crucible,” by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing, with artist Cully Hamner. Then

Joshua Williamson and artist Kyle Hotz are sending Killer Croc home in “Citizen Croc.” Next, Captain Carrort faces a “Crisis on Earth-26” in tale by Andrew Marino and artist James Harren.

Animal Man and his family become prey in “Rio Celeste” by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Christian Duce. Finally, Batcow stars in “Panic at the Midnight Rodeo,” by Dan Didio and artist Tom Raney.

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In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Dog Days of Summer #1, we’re taking a look at three additional tales from the issue. First, Wonder Woman’s friend, Ferdinand, faces an existential barbecue crisis in “Barbecue Season.” G. Willow Wilson and artist Stjepan Sejic are the creative team for that story. Then, Mariko Tamaki and artist Cian Tormey put the spotlight on Beast Boy in “All Beasts Bright and Beautiful.” Kenny Porter and artist Paul Fry take on Dex-Starr in the final story, “Tourist Season.”

Here’s the official description from DC: “‘Who let the dogs out?’ DC does this summer as we unleash the beast within and join Krypto and Superman, Bat-Cow and Batman, Wonder Woman and Ferdinand and many more for eight sun-kissed stories in this can’t-miss animal-sized spectacular!

Dog Days of Summer #1 will hit comic shops on Wednesday, May 29. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!