Exclusive Preview: Aquaman #48

Aquaman hasn’t been himself for a while. Arthur Curry seemingly sacrificed himself to save the world during the “Drowned Earth” crossover. When he resurfaced on the isle of the Old Gods, Arthur didn’t even remember who he was. The inhabitants of the island called him Andy, and enlisted his aid in dealing with their mother, Namma.

Andy befriended Callie, a young woman who was supposedly Namma’s daughter as well. However, Namma only created Callie to be the instrument of her revenge on the entire world. Even without his memories, Andy proved to be a formidable hero and he successfully saved Callie and the Old Gods. Now it’s time for the Old Gods to keep their word and help Andy reclaim his identity.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview of Aquaman #48, Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Viktor Bogdanovic depict the ritual that will potentially heal Andy/Arthur’s mind and allow him to rediscover himself. There’s even a flashback to Aquaman’s origin and the night that his parents met.

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Here’s the official description from DC: “On the cusp of recovering his lost memories, Aquaman must overcome one final obstacle—a terrifying journey into the heart of darkness itself—the lair of the mysterious Mother Shark! There, Aquaman will face his greatest challenge yet and look into his past, present and future—that is, if he has any future at all!

Aquaman #48 will hit comic shops on Wednesday, May 15. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!