Mudbound and Knightfall Producers Teaming Up for The Dark Age

The producers behind Netflix’s Mudboud are about to try their hands at comic book writing. According to Deadline, Christopher Lemole and Tim Zajaros are collaborating with Knightfall co-creator Don Handfield to launch The Dark Age. The series will release through Red 5 Comics and eventually make its way to TV.

The Dark Age imagines a dystopian future where all metal has dissolved into rusted dust. The resulting collapse of civilization as we know it ushers in a new feudal era, where knights wielding weapons of wood, stone, and plastic reign supreme. Penciller Leo Rodriguez and colorist Dijjo Limawill are handling the artwork for the series.

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The Dark Age was inspired by how dependent we as a society are on technology, computers and metal to survive and asking, ‘what if’ it all disappeared?’” Handfield said in a statement. “I wanted to create a post-apocalyptic world that wasn’t a radioactive wasteland, but more of a lush ‘World After People’ where, as a storyteller, I could explore how cultures would crumble and reform based on primitive technologies. All of this of course wrapped inside a strong drama about a family trying to survive.”

Apparently, this is only the first project in development from the new partnership between Lemole and Zajaros’ Armory Films banner and Handfield’s Motor Television. Handfield will preside over writing duties for all titles. The venture will announce more scribes at a later date.

The series’ first proper issue goes on sale in July. However, a preview version will hit comic store shelves on May 4 for Free Comic Book Day.

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