Black Panther, Thor, Jessica Jones, and Black Widow Get New Serial Box Stories

Marvel has allowed its characters to be adapted to various mediums since the company’s inception. However, Marvel’s new partnership with Serial Box will be the first time that four of its characters will star in original novels that will be distributed as serials.

Via The Verge, Thor, Black Panther, Jessica Jones, and Black Widow will headline their own “serials.” Essentially, Serial Box’s format is to release a serial in ten to sixteen parts that can be read alone or as part of an extended story. The company treats each story like a television season, and it even hires a writers room to oversee the project. Thor’s writers room includes Aaron Stewart-Ahn, Brian Keene, Jay Edidin, and Yoon Ha Lee, and their serial will debut this summer. Comic writer Alex de Campi is serving as the editor of this project, and she shared the news on Instagram.

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Serial Box’s Marvel stories will be available on the official site and the Serial Box app. However, the release date for Thor and the rest of the serials has not yet been announced.

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