DC Cancels Jesus Christ Superhero Satire, Second Coming

For decades, DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint has pushed the boundaries of what a comic book series can be. But Vertigo’s latest series, Second Coming, may have proven to be too controversial to handle. The series follows the return of Jesus Christ in modern times, as he learns how to once again be humanity’s savior from his new superhero roommate, Sun-Man. Now, Second Coming has been pulled from the schedule only a few weeks from it’s release.

According to series co-creator, Mark Russell, the split with DC was amicable. He also indicated that the series would continue with another publisher.

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Artist and Second Coming co-creator, Richard Pace, echoed the news on his Twitter account as well.

A similar situation occurred in 2007, when DC abruptly canceled the mature readers series, The Boys, after only six issues. Dynamite picked up The Boys for the remainder of its run, and a live-action adaptation will arrive on Amazon later this year. Potentially, Dynamite could be one of the contenders to pick up Second Coming. Image Comics, Dark Horse, and other creator friendly companies may also be a better fit for the series.

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DC Cancels Jesus Christ Superhero Satire, Second Coming