Exclusive Preview: Sideways #10 Puts Derek At a Crossroads in His Life

In the wake of Dark Nights: Metal, high school junior Derek James gained the ability to travel through dimensions at will. As Sideways, Derek had a chance to become one of the next generation of DC superheroes. However, the resulting havoc on Derek’s personal life has taken its toll. After leaving his world for an extended multiverse adventure alongside alternate Supermen, Derek is coming home in Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview of Sideways #10.

Storytellers Kenneth Rocafort and Dan DiDio aren’t letting Derek off the hook for skipping his mother’s funeral. Now, the police want to know where he’s been, and Derek’s adoptive father is about to drop a bombshell. Even a side trip to Paris may not be enough to lift Derek’s spirits after this. But the problem with being a hero is that trouble finds you. And even Europe isn’t far enough away from Derek’s next dangerous foe.

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Here’s the official description from DC: “In the wake of his mother’s death, Derek learns that home is where the hell is. Despondent over missing her funeral and shunned by his father because of it, Sideways reunites with his best friend Ernie for some heart-to-heart talk. Her family life is in shambles, too, as Derek learns her folks are divorcing and splitting up the family. The heartbreak prompts them to take a quick jaunt to Paris, where Sideways ends up getting called into action because of a terrorist attack. A hero in France but a pariah at home, Sideways ponders his future—but he may not have much future left, as Dark Star Sciences boss Leto learns he’s back and dispatches super-assassin Bolt to capture him. Maybe stay in Paris for another croissant instead?

You can read the full exclusive preview in our gallery below. Sideways #10 will be released on Wednesday, November 21. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!