DC Comics Will Change Nightwing’s Name

Nightwing, the original Robin and formerly known as Dick Grayson, will be getting a new name. He will now be called Ric Grayson.

ComicBook.com reports after recent traumatic events Nightwing will adopt a new identity. In Batman #55, Nightwing and Batman were having a conversation with Commissioner Gordon when the KGBeast shot Dick Grayson in the head. Since then, fans have anxiously awaited an update on the former Titans leader. It was not revealed until Nightwing #50 that Dick Grayson had survived the attack. This week’s Nightwing #51 reveals the effects. A person named Dick Grayson may still be living, but Dick Grayson did not survive. Nightwing will rename himself Ric Grayson. He not only loses his birth name, but also many of his memories and skills. Even though Ric may not be the man he once was, the compulsion to be a hero drives him to carry on.

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In his own series, Nightwing will attempt to uncover the villain behind the “fear germ” that is killing victims in their sleep. Ric will have to rely on the detective skills he still remembers now that his fighting skills have left him. Could the Scarecrow be behind the fear germ? It certainly sounds like his MO.

Nightwing #51 was written by Scott Lobdell with Fabian Nicieza. Travis Moore and Gary Brown provided the art, with colors by Hi-Fi and Nick Filardi. Nightwing #51 will be available digitally and in comic book stores on Wednesday, October 17.

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