Stranger Things Comic Trailer Sends Will To the Upside Down

The first season of Netflix’s smash hit, Stranger Things, sent young Will Byers into the weird alternate world known as the Upside Down. Will was rescued by the end of the season, but his connection to the Mind Flayer nearly doomed the world in Stranger Things 2. What happened to Will when he was lost? This fall, Dark Horse Comics is exploring that mystery with the first Stranger Things comic. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has debuted a trailer for Stranger Things #1, which debuts tomorrow, Wednesday, September 26.

Stranger Things #1 was written by Jody Houser, with art by Stefano Martino and Keith Champagne. As alluded to above, the initial story is set during the first season of Stranger Things. For the first time, fans will see the full story of how Will survived in the Upside Down. According to Houser, she choose to tell this tale using some of the conventions of ’80s comics, including thought balloons.

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“I wanted the comic to feel like a possible artifact from the 1980s in the same way the show does,” explained Houser, while speaking to THR. “I didn’t start reading comics until the 1990s, but I definitely did delve into some stories from the previous decade when I started reading. The first trade I ever bought was The Dark Phoenix Saga. I was very into novel adaptations of movies as a kid, though, so maybe that’s where some of my love of licensed comics comes from.”

Houser didn’t offer much in the way of spoilers for the comic, but she did tease some surprises ahead. She told THR that she added some twists to the story, which were approved by Netflix. But we’ll have to read Stranger Things #1 to get a real taste of what those twists may be.

You can watch the Stranger Things comic trailer below. Then let us know what you think about it in the comment section!