IDW’s New G.I. Joe Comic Is Going Old School

Nerdist announced today that IDW Publishing is teaming up with indie comic creator Michel Fiffe on a new G.I. Joe comic miniseries. It’s called G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte, and it will be written, drawn, lettered, and colored by Fiffe. It will put his favorite heroes and villains in the spotlight. Here’s the official synopsis from Nerdist: “G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte follows the core team that goes rogue on a rescue mission, all while forces within Cobra try to thwart Cobra Commander, and Storm Shadow goes AWOL.”

The miniseries is set to release next spring and will feature iconic characters such as Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Rock ‘n Roll, Gung-Ho, Stalker, and Flint. Fiffe told Nerdist.that the story has “love and loss, combat and cunning, cheap laughs and high stakes – this is everything I want in a G.I. Joe comic.”

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Fiffe is definitely bringing his unique art style to the characters. While keeping the characters recognizable, Fiffe has done a fantastic job of putting his own spin on these beloved icons. “I wanted to take all of my favorite players and give them a chance to shine in their own unique ways,” said Fiffe. “By creating the entire package, I tap into the personalized core of this classic cast.”

Sierra Muerte doesn’t seem to shy away from the over-the-top tropes and campiness that G.I. Joe has been known, which should instantly please long-time Joe fans. You can check out the first few pages of the series over at Nerdist.

G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte #1 will debut in Spring of 2019.

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