9 Things You May Not Know About the Iron Man Series

If you paid very close attention in the credits of Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, then you saw the names of comic creators Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Buckley, and Joe Quesada listed as being part of the Marvel Creative Committee. These three are collectively responsible for several Iron Man comics and stories throughout the years, but the Iron Man films also got help from a few other comic book creators based on their expertise with the character.
Adi Granov is a comic book illustrator and actually co-designed the suits that you see in the first film. He’s credited as a “Suit consultant” for the movie and a “concept illustrator” for its sequel. While it doesn’t appear he is credited with constulting on the third film, he’s influence is still felt as the basis for Iron Man 3 partially comes from a story arc he drew with writer Warren Ellis titled “Extremis.” Another who helped is comic book illustrator Andy Park, who signed on as a concept artist for Marvel with their 2012 hit The Avengers and has gone on to work on each of their films since then including the upcoming Iron Man 3.