9 Heroes That Should Have Their Own TV Series

Aquaman’s got a bum wrap. Many people can’t divorce themselves from his antics on the Super Friends and the jokes from shows like Robot Chicken and Family Guy. Aquaman is actually quite a badass and more capable than a lot of other characters in terms of combat and heroics. Ever since the jokes on Entourage though, any thought of an actual Aquaman film has been met with muddled laughter because, you know, James Cameron and Vincent Chase! (That was sarcasm)
As I was saying, people think they know Aquaman, but they don’t. He doesn’t “talk to fish,” he commands them. He can leave the water and, as a result of swimming at depths that would crush a normal human under their pressure, is capable of out running, jumping, and fighting many of the DCU’s finest. Plus he’s got a giant trident and is the King of Atlantis, you don’t mess with someone that has these kind of abilities. There’s also the nature of “sea crimes” as so many parodies have put it, while there are sea crimes he stops it’s more the super villains and sea monsters that he really has to worry about. An Aquaman show would need to showcase the intensity of being Aquaman and really how cool he is, and that’s how you can change people’s minds.