Spidey Turns 50: 11 Villains Who Could Be in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Who is he? 
Quentin  Beck was a master special effects artist and stunt man in the movie business. Like a lot of us he had dreams of making it big in Hollywood, but that didn’t happen. Beck had a bit of a meltdown and realized that his theatrics as a stuntman would be better suited for making him a super villain. Utilizing a wide array of special effects trickery, stage illusions, hypnosis, magic, chemistry and robots, Mysterio has become one of the most unique adversaries of Spider-Man.
How could he work in the movie?
The way he’s written in the comics would be the ground work for the man himself. Here’s one way they can do it: Adapt Kevin Smith’s “Guardian Devil” storyline. Sure it’s a Daredevil comic, but what matters is the core of the story and the ending. Set up Mysterio to be the typical petty thief but with his own flare and show Spider-Man’s lack of respect for him as an artist and criminal. This will make Mysterio mad. In order to make Spider-Man know he means business, he will attempt to drive Spider-Man insane, but since this is a movie that kids want to go see even in the darkest hour where it appears Mysterio has won, Spider-Man will overcome. After this, in their final confrontation, Mysterio will expect Spider-Man to kill him, which Spider-Man will not do. If Sony really wanted to take Spider-Man to the ‘gritty’ and ‘dark’ world, then there’s only one way this story ends, Mysterio kills himself in front of Spider-Man.
Who should play him?
This idea dawned on me recently and it might be one of the most exciting bits of wishful casting: Alan Tudyk. We all know that he’s funny because we’re good geeks and nerds and have watched “Firefly” and “Serenity,” but have you seen his work on Joss Whedon’s other show, “Dollhouse”? He plays a man that has 48 other personalities inside his head, one of which happens to be a big nasty serial killer. Tudyk has a lot of potential to be a funny but scary villain.
(Photo Credit: Nikki Nelson / WENN.com)