The 10 Comics We Want to See From Marvel NOW!

Now this is something I was expecting after the first film hit so big. Iron Man is one of the most popular Marvel characters as a result of the films and the fact that this hasn’t been capitalized on to the point of renumbering the series and giving him a more RDJ look to him is surprising. Currently Iron Man is at around 520 issues and while the character is a lot of people’s favorite, and Marvel does their best to make sure you can pick up any issue and understand the context, it just doesn’t seem as inviting as a result.
Where they can get in trouble here is by repeating story lines all over again just for the sake of the new readership, which may or may not stick with the title. By this I mean the character defining arcs like ‘Demon in the Bottle,’ ‘Extremis’ and ‘Enter the Mandarin.’ I’m sure they going to be doing all new stories but it’s going to be hard for them to revisit the character provided they’re looking to ground it in the movie interpretation of the character. I think what most non-comic readers will be looking for in a new Iron Man title is just him having different suits and fighting a lot of different villains (IE: the ‘typical’ superhero fair), but I’d like to see focus on the story as a character piece. Sure action is a very welcome addition, but let’s not get carried away and make it the center piece.
Likelihood of happening: Guaranteed to happen. CBR confirmed in an interview with Axel Alonso and Tom Brevoort that Iron Man will be getting a shiny new #1.