The 10 Comics We Want to See From Marvel NOW!

This might be the dumbest choice to some of you readers, but I really like the idea of taking out of continuity stories and showcasing them as a major story for readers to get into. For those who are not sure about this comic, hear me out. “What if…?” was a place for weird and silly ideas featuring major Marvel characters could be told without affecting the primary storyline. Some of the stories told in “What if…?” over the years are ‘What if the Venom Symbiote inhabitated Deadpool?,’ ‘What if Captain America lived in the Civil War?,’ ‘What if Aunt May died instead of Uncle Ben?’ Etc. (A full list of the titles can be read here).
It’s a good idea to launch this series because at almost any given point it’s a good place for someone to jump on and read it. Since it’s an out of continuity book, people don’t have to worry about knowing what has been happening with the character for the past 30 years, they can just pick up the comic. This is also a good chance to give up and coming writers and artists a chance to show off their abilities and what they can do. Since it’s not a major named franchise like the rest of these titles it’s okay if they write something people don’t like, because it’s just a long story in the long run and there will be an all new story in the next issue/arc.
 Likelihood of happening: Pretty doubtful. It seems like Marvel only has an interest in running this title when it can coincide with a major event, but considering the first two volumes ran for a combined total of 161 issues, I’d say there’s a market for this.
Got a different title you want to see? Any of these you don’t want to happen? Leave it in the comments below!
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