Who We Want to See in the New Ninja Turtles Movie



Karai is one of the least recognized characters in the entire pantheon of characters that the Turtles have spawned. Being the original leader of the Japan-based Foot Clan, this girl has some serious chops. The character is best known as the leader of the New York Clan, however, and she also normally has some sort of tie to Shredder. In some cases she is just a pupil, some she is his adoptive daughter and in others his biological daughter. I think for the purposes of the character being the biological daughter of Shredder might be the best place to put her for the journey her character should undergo over the course of the film(s). Being the dysfunctional child of a madman eager to prove herself but not willing to totally commit to the Foot lifestyle, is a good place to start.
This was also a hard decision to make, but I eventually decided on Devon Aoki for a few reasons. The main reason I think she fits is because of the role she played the most of us know her for, Miho in “Sin City.” She personified the character perfectly in that role. She was able to play one of the most memorable characters in the ensemble film and without even uttering a single word. Plus the way she handles those swords? She’s qualified for the role.
(Devon Aoki photo: Jeff Grossman/WENN)

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