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Pennyworth’s Paloma Faith Teases a ‘More Cartoony’ Season 3

Amid all the cancellations and cutbacks happening at Warner Bros. Discovery right now, one unlikely hero managed to survive the ongoing purge. Last fall, HBO Max ordered a third season of Epix’s Pennyworth before its parent studios’ merger was finalized. And in just over a month, the series will begin airing new episodes with “The Origin of Batman’s Butler” tacked onto its title. Given WBD’s current status quo, it’s hard to imagine the show getting lucky with a fourth season renewal after this. But even if it is the series’ last hurrah, co-star Paloma Faith seems to think they pulled out all the stops for season 3.

Faith has been part of Pennyworth’s main cast since the series debuted in 2019. But her character, Bet Sykes, has evolved quite a bit over the course of the last two seasons. Bet was originally introduced as an enforcer for the fascistic Raven Society. However, she later had a change of heart and teamed up with Jack Bannon’s Alfred Pennyworth to bring down her former employers during a civil war against the British government. The last time we saw her, Bet was a full-fledged soldier in the English League. And while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Faith teased what’s in store for the series’ return.

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“We’re in the ’70s now in Pennyworth, we’ve been kidnapped,” said Faith. “Things have moved on a bit in terms of inventions. It’s hotting up, it’s getting a bit more DC, more cartoony. It’s quite fun.”

The new season of Pennyworth picks up five years after the end of season 2, so it should be interesting to see how the characters adjust to a brand new decade. For now, it’s anyone’s guess what Faith means by the episodes’ “more cartoony” tone this year.  Regardless, season 3 is expected to bring more superhumans into the fold, which might explain what she means by “more DC.”

Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler will premiere its third season on October 6.

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