Geoff Johns Teases Solomon Grundy’s Appearance in Stargirl

Stargirl is making her live-action debut later this year, and she’ll be bringing an iconic DC villain along for the ride. Via Comic Book Resources, Stargirl creator and showrunner Geoff Johns confirmed that Solomon Grundy is set to appear on the show. However, he kept details about Solomon Grundy’s appearance to a minimum.

“I’m glad there’s a little mystery to it,” said Johns. “I don’t think everyone quite knows what the show is going to totally be about yet, beyond Courtney and discovering the legacy of Starman and this team coming together. That’s fun, knowing we have all these doors to open and cards to turn over and I can’t wait for people to see our Solomon Grundy.”

However, Johns was effusive about what Grundy will look like in the series.

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“Our Solomon Grundy’s ridiculous!” proclaimed Johns. “The visual effects house that’s done all the work for Stargirl is Zoic Studios and Andrew Orloff is one of the founders of it. The work they put in there, their team blows us away every time we do a visual effects review. Every time they deliver anything, all the different characters and the world that we’re tapping into, it’s phenomenal work. I can’t wait for people to see it, it’s truly a cut above the norm.”

Stargirl will debut on DC Universe and The CW later this year.

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