The Mandalorian’s Supporting Cast Talks IG-11 and Bounty Hunters

As the new Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, prepares for its Disney+ debut this fall, Lucasfilm is sharing more intel about it. Entertainment Weekly‘s new cover story has shed more light on the supporting characters. That includes IG-11, the assassin droid voiced by director Taika Waititi.

“[IG-11 is] very innocent and naive and direct and doesn’t know about sarcasm and doesn’t know how to lie,” explained Waititi. “It’s like a child with a gun.”

Carl Weathers adds his own level of gruff as Greef Carga, the head of a local bounty hunters’ guild. 

“In the Star Wars world, you find yourself walking a different way, you behave differently, you relate to what’s around you differently, because it’s not a contemporary world,” noted Weathers.

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Giancarlo Esposito also spoke about his character, Moff Gideon. He’s a former governor who has seen better days after the second Death Star was taken out in Return of the Jedi. 

“He’s an Imperial remnant of a very fine officer who then switches to become sort of the guardian of the people,” said Esposito. “But what does [Moff Gideon] really want? This guy is going to be a big player because he has an idea of how to keep order.”

According to long-time Star Wars animation producer Dave Filoni, The Mandalorian is going to break some new ground.

“I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars. And what’s most exciting to me is that I am very confident we did some things – and fans will see things – that have never been seen before,” said Filoni.

The full Entertainment Weekly piece can be read here. The series will premiere on Disney+ on November 12.

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