Danny Elfman to Score Hellboy 2

by SuperHeroHype

ShockTillYouDrop.com pointed us to this thread where Guillermo del Toro has posted an update on the filming of Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, revealed that Danny Elfman will do the score and that the sequel will have 30 or more creatures, compared to eight in the first film:

We JUST finished the first day of shooting…

Danny Elfman IS going to score HELLBOY II and I feel privileged. I have worked with Marco Beltrami many times and will work with him soon enough but I believe we will have a beautiful score with Elfman, whom I admire greatly (in fact the “Title sewquence” music cue had the “Ta-de-dum-ta-de-dum” rythm by explicit request by me in an atempt to make it kind of Elfmanesque) and with whom I share a dark view of the world.

In the first HELLBOY film we had about 8 creatures (total, between CGI and animatronics/prosthetics) but in this one we have around 30 or more and the emphasis is still heavily on a 50% 50 % balance with CGI as enhancemnet or as a choice but not THE choice.

“The Golden Army” hits theaters on August 1, 2008.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop.com

30 Days of Night Site & Trailer Launched

by SuperHeroHype

The official site for director David Slade’s 30 Days of Night has launched here with the new trailer for the graphic novel adaptation, produced by “Spider-Man” franchise director Sam Raimi. The thriller, opening October 19, stars Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston, Ben Foster and Manu Bennett.

Click here to check it out!

Source: Columbia Pictures

Tim Story to Direct The Losers

by SuperHeroHype

Tim Story (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer) is set to direct the big screen adaptation of DC-Vertigo’s gritty comic book The Losers for Warner Bros. Jamie Vanderbilt will adapt Andy Diggle’s comic, working from a first draft by Peter Berg.

Berg and Weed Road’s Akiva Goldsman and Kerry Foster are producing. Also producing is Sarah Aubrey, Berg’s partner at Film 44, and John Cameron, who brought the project to Film 44.

The movie will center around a small band of elite and highly trained commandos who are set up to to be killed by their own government. They set out to avenge the wrong, as well as avenge other injustices.

The Losers was published by DC Comics in the 1970s and was revised several years ago by Vertigo Comics.

Story’s feature adaptation will be set in contemporary times, with the special ops team carrying out missions around the world before the members are left for dead. Flying under the radar, they return and move around the U.S.

Source: Variety

Nolan and Bale on The Dark Knight

by SuperHeroHype

ABC7Chicago.com has posted quotes from The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale from today’s press conference in Chicago, where shooting starts on Saturday:

“I also fell in love very much with the architecture of the city,” said director Christopher Nolan.

“We tend to shoot at night like some kind of covert operation,” he said. “So, we have minimal people actually seeing me in that way. But I’m sure they look and think ‘Who the hell is that freak?’ when they do come across me! Afterall, that should be the point because Batman is meant to strike fear into people’s hearts. So, if they just thought, ‘Yeah, yeah, it’s Batman,’ then it wouldn’t work.”

More at the link above!

Source: ABC7Chicago.com

EXCL: Di Bonaventura on Transformers Sequel and G.I. Joe!

by Edward Douglas

On July 2 at 8pm, Hasbro’s robots in disguise Transformers will be hitting the big screen with all of the impact and force of a Michael Bay action flick, but in the last few days, Peter Cullen, who voices Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots, has been telling people that he’s been told to keep some time free for a possible sequel.

When Superhero Hype! had a chance to talk with mega-producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Constantine, Four Brothers), we asked him whether thoughts of a sequel are already being tossed around, to which point he laughed heartily and replied, “I would say all of us were very reluctant to even think about it, because that’s a presumption of success that none of us really want to make. Now that we’ve seen the film finished, now that the audience has told us that they love it when they see it, now that it feels like we have a successful entry a month from now, we’ve begun to talk about the ideas that we feel we can bring from the mythology that we didn’t get a chance to do in this movie and the ideas in this movie that we’d like to experiment further with. There’s no plotline, there’s no writer hired. It’s really internal to the filmmakers sort of going, ‘You know what? We really love this and what about this?’ I would say we’re throwing ideas around right now in the hopes that we get to that place where we can sit down with a writer and really talk about it.”

One would expect it would at least be easier to do a sequel now that they’ve designed and worked out how to create the Transformers for the movie. “From a production point of view, it is; from a script point of view, how do you take it forward?” the producer said. “Shia certainly feels like he’s leaving high school at the end of this movie or feels like he’s matured to that place, so where do you take him? It was a lot of questions that we have to ask ourselves that will be satisfying and interesting for us to try to put forward and for the audience to get on board. From a technical point of view, yes, Michael and ILM solved a lot of the most daunting technical issues, but knowing Michael and knowing all of us on it, we’re going to create new ones for ourselves and have to figure out those, too.”

We also talked with Di Bonaventura about the other Hasbro toyline which he’s been involved with even before he started working on Transformers, that being a movie based on a real American hero, G.I. Joe. Having been around for decades without ever being the basis of a major movie, we wondered if that was closer to happening. “I hope so,” he told us. “I love the property and I love the characters of it. There’s a couple challenges that it presents. One is that because it’s been around so many decades and because it has so many different heritages in a way, the ’80s Joe is not as familiar to the people who grew up with it before. It was more simplistic before, frankly. It didn’t have that richness, so one of the challenges we’re facing in trying to get it made into the movie is how do you integrate that emotional connection that before the ’80s had to Joe to the ’80s version of Joe, which is a much richer mythology and characters and a lot of things that have been worked out and worked on successfully? The first challenge is to figure out common values between those two time periods of Joe, and I think Transformers and X-Men and several of the properties of the last year that have been and will be successful hopefully are making our case to make Joe into a movie.”

Look for more with Mr. di Bonaventura sometime next week, as we talk with him about his big summer movies Transformers and Stardust, which open on July 3 and August 10, respectively.

Source: Edward Douglas

Johnson on Ghost Rider 2 and Preacher

by SuperHeroHype

iF Magazine chatted with Ghost Rider writer/director Mark Steven Johnson about a possible sequel and the “Preacher” series he is working on for HBO:

They are talking about and the first film did very well for them but you know I have been doing my own stuff and not writing anything at the moment. Given how well it did, I would imagine down the line that Sony will want to revisit a sequel and I’ll be happy to look at it then.

Hit the link above for more on Ghost Rider 2 and “Preacher.”

Source: iF Magazine

Transformers Theme is Not Mute Math’s

by SuperHeroHype

Scooper ‘woodie23’ has a correction for a previous story we posted about the Transformers theme that can be downloaded from SectorSeven.org:

I just thought I would let you know that the song you have posted as Mute Math’s version of the Transformers Theme is not their version. If you go to their Myspace page they have posted a clip of their version of the song. They did not do the version of the song you have posted to download. Just thought you might like to know so you can correct your story.

Thanks for the update! Mute Math’s MySpace page is located here.

Source: woodie23

Report on The Dark Knight Press Conference

by SuperHeroHype

Chicago Business News attended The Dark Knight press conference in Chicago today and posted their report on the event. Here’s a clip:

The Caped Crusader is sweeping into Chicago for a summer stay that’s expected to pump $45 million into the local economy and generate thousands of jobs.

Filming for “The Dark Knight,” the latest installment of the Batman movie series, is scheduled to begin Saturday, with the cast and crew remaining until early September in what will be the movie’s Gotham City.

Director Chris Nolan, a Chicago native, shot a preliminary action sequence in the city in April and is now back with stars Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Heath Ledger and Maggie Gyllenhaal to shoot the bulk of the film.

Visit the link above for more on this!

Source: Chicago Business News

The Dark Knight Returns to Chicago!

by SuperHeroHype

Scooper ‘lordnazgul’ alerted us that The Dark Knight crews are back in Chicago. A bunch of trailers showed up again at the post office. The city of Chicago is also doing a press conference for The Dark Knight today. Here’s a photo from ‘lordnazgul’:

Source: lordnazgul

Exclusive: Peter Cullen on Transformers!

by SuperHeroHype

If you were preadolescent in the early 1980s you still may not have known who Peter Cullen was, but you certainly knew his animated alter ego… Optimus Prime. In his forty-year career, Cullen has leant his distinctive basso profundo voice to a host of animated characters and voice over work, to the extent that every child in America probably knows who he is, even if none of them knows who he is.

Among all those works, “Transformers” is still at the top of the heap in terms of nostalgia and the cult following that has arisen following its initial demise in the mid ’80s, and it’s exactly that following DreamWorks hopes to capture this summer with the first live action Transformers movie. While the film is getting the Hollywood makeover, the filmmakers are still trying to keep the sense of the original incarnation, and started on the right foot by bringing Peter Cullen back to create Optimus Prime once again.

Superhero Hype! talked exclusively to Cullen about the movie this week:

SHH!: Hi Peter. How are you doing?

Peter Cullen: I’m doing great, thanks.

SHH!: I had read somewhere that you had said Optimus Prime was your favorite voice of all the voices you had done.

Cullen: Correct.

SHH!: It’s been over 20 years since the original show. What was it like coming back to do it again?

Cullen: Well, overwhelming I guess. You know I was thrilled, after so many years, and I must add Optimus Prime wasn’t by any means my favorite character back in the early ’80s and when I was bumped off I didn’t really know why. I mean, it wasn’t explained to me. I had no indication as to any reason for it. So he certainly wasn’t one of my favorite characters then and I even questioned his popularity. I said this guy can’t be all that great if they’re getting rid of him, until I find out years later.

SHH!: Right.

Cullen: But today definitely he’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever done and that’s because of the affect that he’s had on so many lives.

SHH!: What was the experience like making the movie? Were you just in the booth doing the dialogue or was there anything else?

Cullen: Correct. I worked with Michael Bay in the sound room, in front of a big screen and that’s where I did all my work. And I worked by myself, except of course with Michael Bay right there with me.

SHH!: You said you had to look at it on a big screen, have you seen what it’s going to look like yet?

Cullen: I’ve seen portions. Everything else that I’ve seen has been on television. I worked in front of a huge screen, nothing like IMAX or anything and nothing like High Definition, it was just working prints in the studio, but enough to indicate to me that this is huge and it’s overpowering. I was just explaining to a person earlier that when I watched Optimus for the first time and the beeps went off to signal me to speak I was speechless. My jaw kind of hung down. I went “oh wow.” And they rolled it again and I was speechless still because I’m gawking at it and it was rather humorous. I had to apologize – “I’m sorry guys but this is awesome.” So that’s how that went.

SHH!: They’ve taken lots of things from different “Transformers” mythology, rolled it together and put their own spin on things for the movie, so it’s its own thing. And fans can be… picky… about this stuff, especially stuff they grew up with. How do you think the reactions are going to be when they finally get to see it?

Cullen: Well I put myself in their shoes. Everybody has a sentimental attachment to things in life and things change. I don’t know quite how to put it but if I had an old car that I grew up with and every year it just gets older and older and older, things change with it and for the better. A company comes out with a new tire and I put the tire on and the car handles better and it’s still the same car and it still has the same sentiment to it, but things just got better, a new engine, things like that. I think that’s happening with the “Transformers,” and I think the basic sense of the Transformers is still there. I don’t think fans will be disappointed because after all it’s an emotional attachment and I think a lot of the emotions are still being honored so hopefully that’s going to be the general conception.

SHH!: Are you surprised it’s lasted as long as it has? It started as a promotion for a toy line and it’s basically taken on a life of it’s own. Does that surprise you?

Cullen: Yes, but the real surprise was in discovering the success of it so many, many years later. It wasn’t until some time in the later ’90s at the insistence of my daughter to go to an autograph convention for the Transformers and my daughter told me, “dad there are so many kids who grew up with it who would love to meet you, to see you” and I said, “are you kidding?” So I went to Rochester New York and that’s when I became aware of the popularity. Certainly I was overwhelmed with it, I was surprised and very impressed with it. And now very grateful, extremely grateful.

SHH!: I had read that you had been signed for two sequels as well, if it does well?

Cullen: Hopefully. Yes, that’s true. There was talk of three pictures and a three-picture deal and I’m very excited to know that I’m not getting rubbed out.

SHH!: In all the talk, has anybody mentioned what they’ve thought about what they’re doing for later ones or is that still just…

Cullen: Oh no, I have no idea. I think they’re honoring the Transformers historically – it’s huge and who would have known or who would have guessed that there would be the reaction that it’s had. Certainly not I. I think they’re honoring the fact that Transformers is here to stay, and I’m grateful for that, too. (Laughs).

SHH!: I can understand. You said when you were doing your recording sessions you were with Michael Bay, working with you. What was that like?

Cullen: Wonderful. I have a great respect with him and it’s a thrill for me to work with people that have awesome careers like that, it’s a privilege. He’s definitely right up there and it was wonderful. It’s just wonderful to be around people that are great at what they do, it rubs off, it was a wonderful experience and I was happy to have had it.

SHH!: If I remember right you did Ironhide’s voice as well, for the show…

Cullen: That’s right.

SHH!: …but you’re not doing him for the movie.

Cullen: No.

SHH!: Do you know anyone else who’s doing a voice?

Cullen: I have no idea, Josh. I’ll tell you, I haven’t even heard Megatron, so I have no idea. It’s just going to be as new to me as it is to everybody else. And I’m excited.

SHH!: Me too. Thank you very much.

Cullen: Thank you.

Transformers opens in theaters at 8 p.m. on Monday, July 2nd.

Source: Joshua Starnes

Director Zack Snyder on Watchmen!

by SuperHeroHype

300 director Zack Snyder talked to MTV about his next highly-anticipated project, Watchmen. He says he’ll find a spot for his 300 star Gerard Butler in the film, doesn’t deny recent casting rumors, talks about the opening scene, and that they’ll start filming in Canada this September. Here’s a clip:

The red-hot director, intent on using his newfound Hollywood clout to stay true to Alan Moore’s refreshingly dark comic classic, also offered a promising non-denial regarding rumors that names like Jude Law, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Wilson had been offered roles. “Um — you know what? I would say ‘No,’ but then you’d call me later and go like, ‘Dude, what are you doing?’ ” Snyder laughed. “I don’t know who’s leaking this stuff, but they’re good.”

Click here for the full interview!

Watchmen, created by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons, was released as a 12-issue comic book in 1986 and is one of the most critically acclaimed series in the genre. The comic is a crime-conspiracy story that provided the first realistic look at the behind-the-heroics lives of superhero archetypes.

Source: MTV

Berlin Speed Racer Press Conference Online

by SuperHeroHype

The official website for Warner Bros.’ Speed Racer has been launched with many clips from the recent Berlin press conference, a Podcast of the entire 40 minute event, as well as the transcript. Directed by the Wachowski brothers (“The Matrix” trilogy), the May 9, 2008 release stars Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, Matthew Fox, Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Kick Gurry, Paulie Litt, Roger Allam and Ji Hoon Jung.

Click here to check it out!

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Exclusive: Gaiman’s Death Back to Life

by SuperHeroHype

While doing press for the release of the film adaptation of Stardust, writer Neil Gaiman talked to ComingSoon.net/Superhero Hype! about the status of his directorial debut, an adaptation of his Death: The High Cost of Living comics from Vertigo.

“Everything is moving, slowly, but it’s moving… Guillermo del Toro is executive producing, which is a wonderful thing… and I’m actually planning on going out to Prague very, very soon to do some stuff with Guillermo on ‘Death.’ I think it definitely seems like it’s going to happen.”

“Death” involves a teenager named Sexton who’s been contemplating suicide. He is rescued by a mysterious teenager who claims she is Death herself, spending one day every 100 years on earth to learn the value of the lives she takes.

The film takes place over 24 hours as Sexton learns to love life by spending a day with Death.

Source: Josh Starnes

Fantastic Four 2 Clips Update

by SuperHeroHype

It looks like the site that previously had seven clips from Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer has removed said clips. However, we’re slowly creeping back up to that clip count as a fifth has now been posted at Yahoo! Movies in High Definition QuickTime and Flash format. Previous clips are available via this link.

Directed by Tim Story, “Rise of the Silver Surfer” stars Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis and Julian McMahon. It opens June 15.

Source: Superhero Hype!

Three Stardust TV Spots Online

by SuperHeroHype

Paramount Pictures has updated the official Stardust site with three TV spots for the big screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Charless Vess’ graphic novel opening on August 10. You can watch them here by clicking ‘Video’.

Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Sienna Miller, Ricky Gervais, Jason Flemyng, Peter O’Toole, Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro star in the Matthew Vaughn-directed fantasy, narrated by Ian McKellen.

Source: Paramount Pictures

Tour Sony Pictures Studios!

by SuperHeroHype

Sony Pictures Studios has announced Twilight Tours of the lot:

Sony Pictures Studios announced today that beginning June 14, visitors will be able to take Twilight Tours of the historic studio every Thursday through September 28th.

“From The Wizard of Oz to Spider-Man 3, this is the lot where dreams are made,” said Pam Byrne, Director of Studio Services. “Now people can enjoy warm summer evenings by experiencing the glamour and history of Sony Pictures Studios. Our Twilight Tours offer the perfect opportunity to treat family, friends and out-of-town guests to a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable Hollywood experience.”

The tours last approximately 90 minutes and begin at 6:30 p.m. in the lobby of Sony Pictures Plaza. Free parking is available under the Sony Pictures Plaza building off Madison Avenue in Culver City, between West Washington Boulevard and Culver Boulevard.

“This is a working studio, so people walking the lot during their tour may have a chance to see an actual set for a motion picture or television show or, on occasion, actors and extras on the lot for a shoot,” said Byrne. “Our visitors also get to see where real Hollywood history was made, from Stage 15 where the Yellow Brick Road once wound through Munchkin Land to Stage 30 where Esther Williams made a splash in the early 1940’s. In addition, guests can see props like the motorcycles from Ghost Rider, the neuralizer from Men in Black, the proton pack from Ghostbusters, and the Cryptex from The DaVinci Code, among many others cinema icons.”

The Twilight Tour begins with a video about the studio’s history. From there guests walk through the Madison Gate, tracing the footsteps of famous stars who made history throughout the lot. Visitors can often see actual Oscar® statuettes celebrating a number of Columbia Pictures’ “Best Picture” awards, as well as Scoring and Foley stages, and the sets of shows like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

Movies were first made on the site of Sony Pictures Studios back in 1915, when Ince/Triangle Studios set up shop there. It was taken over by famous Hollywood pioneers D.W. Griffith and Mack Sennett and later sold to Samuel Goldwyn. In 1924, MGM Studios began making movies on the lot and continued for nearly sixty years. Sony Pictures acquired the site in 1990 and began a rehabilitation of the studio that was completed in 1997.

Sony Pictures Entertainment is currently the #1 studio in Hollywood in domestic box office receipts. Over the past year, it has released such popular films as The Da Vinci Code, Click, Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby, Casino Royale, Ghost Rider and Spider-Man 3.

For more information about the Twilight Tours, or to make reservations, please call 310-520-TOUR (8687) or 323-520-TOUR (8687). Admission is $25 per person. Discounted rates for group and student tours are available. Children 12 and older are welcome. Dress weather appropriate, and this is a walking tour, so please wear comfortable footwear. Sony Pictures Studios also offers tours during the day, Monday-to-Friday. Sony Pictures Studios is located at 10202 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232. For further information and directions to the studio, visit SonyPicturesStudios.com.

Source: Sony Pictures Studios

New Transformers Theme Online

by SuperHeroHype

Mutemath’s version of the Transformers theme from the upcoming soundtrack for the July 2nd release is now online and can be downloaded here! You can view the full list of artists on the soundtrack here.

We also received the following announcement:

RoomMates, the nation’s leading manufacturer of Decorative Peel and Stick products is introducing a new line of Transformers designs that can be safely applied to any smooth surface: painted walls, furniture, accessories, mirrors, ceramics, tile, even automotive surface.

Unlike conventional stickers, these items can be removed and repositioned at will without leaving sticky residue or paper backing..and they are much larger and therefore truly designed for room décor applications!

You can choose between the pack of 20+ Transformers Appliques (each element ranging from 3″ to 14″+), or the Peel and Stick border… or check out the Giant Applique of Optimus Prime (40″x27″)!

MSRP is $12.99 for a pack of appliqués or a border. Giant Optimus Prime is $21.99 MSRP

You can check that out soon here.

Source: Superhero Hype!

Miller Says Sin City 3 Planned, Too

by SuperHeroHype

MTV talked to Frank Miller who talked a bit about the Sin City 2 delay and that they are planning to do Sin City 3 as well:

“There was just some problems above us that I don’t understand…that I don’t really want to understand,” Miller said matter of factly about studio delays in pre-production. All of which shouldn’t bum out fans, he insisted, since”he expects not only to eventually film “Sin City 2,” but “Sin City 3” as well. That story, Rodriguez divulged, would concentrate on Miller’s “Hell and Back,” the story of a hallucinating artist named Wallace. Rumors have persisted for months that the role of Wallace was being written for Johnny Depp, a casting coup that Rodriguez himself was coyly confident would eventually happen.

Visit the link above for more of the interview.

Source: MTV

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