Warner Bros. Picks Up Bone Comic

by SuperHeroHype

Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to “Bone,” the acclaimed independent comic book series from artist Jeff Smith, says The Hollywood Reporter. Dan Lin will produce.

The fantasy series followed three cousins from the Bone family who are small, white and bald humanlike creatures with big noses. The trio are run out of their hometown and find themselves in a mysterious valley where they are separated and hunted by other creatures. They are taken in by a girl named Thorn and her grandmother, and find out that the valley is threatened by an evil force called the Lord of the Locusts.

The series ran irregularly from 1991-2004. Scholastic has been publishing the collected stories in graphic novel format since 2005, selling more than 1 million copies so far.

A decision on what kind of format “Bone” should take — live-action or animated or both — will be based on filmmaker meetings.

Visit the official “Bone” website for more info.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Sweet Watchmen Countdown Clock!

by SuperHeroHype

Warner Bros. Pictures sent us this sweet Watchmen countdown clock today (it’s about 5.5 inches wide, 2.75 inches high, and 1.75 inches deep) along with a letter talking about the film’s release. This will get a nice spot in our office for the next year, check it out below!

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

New York Licensing Show Photos

by SuperHeroHype

Wizard has posted some great photos of the displays for The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Speed Racer and Transformers at the recent New York Licensing Show.

You can view the pics at the link above.

Source: Wizard

Melvin Poupaud Joins Speed Racer

by SuperHeroHype

ComingSoon.net reports that French actor Melvin Poupaud has joined the Wachowski brothers’ Speed Racer, now filming for a May 9, 2008 release.

What role will he play? Click here to find out!

Source: ComingSoon.net

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