Interview with X3 Writer Zak Penn

by SuperHeroHype has posted a new interview with X-Men 3 co-writer Zak Penn. Here’s a clip:

TXV: Do you feel that certain plots or characters were locked in for X3 based on the prior films? How much of a ‘blank slate’ were you able to approach the project with?

ZP: It certainly isn’t a blank slate. You have to try to keep telling the stories that were being told. There is certainly room for invention, but when a franchise is as respected and beloved as X-Men, you don’t go in trying to turn it on its head. By the way, people seem to conflate dark events occuring with changing the tone, which isn’t accurate. X-Men has always been more serious and somber than other titles, that gives it much of its gravity.

Check out the full interview at the link above.

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Charlize Theron on Aeon Flux

by SuperHeroHype

Promoting her new movie North Country, opening October 21, Charlize Theron talked to about her other film coming in December, Aeon Flux. The sci-fi actioner is based on the MTV animated series created by Peter Chung.

She says Aeon Flux is a character of few words. “In many ways, Aeon Flux never speaks. I read the script and I said, ‘I hardly speak in this movie.’ And then I realized what a great opportunity to tell a story with your body and not use words. I was very fascinated by that.”

The Paramount film is set 400 years in the future, when disease has wiped out the majority of the earth’s population except for one walled, protected city-state, Bregna, ruled by a congress of scientists. Aeon is the top operative in the underground ‘Monican’ rebellion – led by The Handler (Frances McDormand). When Aeon is sent on a mission to kill a government leader, she uncovers a world of secrets.

“The issues that film deals with are very strong issues. Issues that I care about our every day life, so that doesn’t make it frivolous to me,” Theron added. “Also, the director, Karyn Kusama, comes from the world of character filmmaking. Never did this genre, I think her films are very complex when it comes to human nature. So I knew it wasn’t going to be frivolous and running out with my t**s hanging out and kicking things, ’cause I’m not good at that. I knew that she would find the core and then, when the script came in, the whole film questions our humanity, which again is what I’m fascinated by.”

Charlize enjoyed performing the physical aspect. “I come from a ballet background; I did ballet for 12 years and I consider that my theater. I told stories with my body for 12 years and then came into this industry. I couldn’t let go of that and it’s still important to me. I really wanted to learn the skills of what Aeon had. I wanted to learn gymnastics; I didn’t want to just be on wires and fake everything. I learned some skills I never thought I would learn.”

Aeon Flux hits theaters on December 2.


The Legend of Zorro Site Launched

by SuperHeroHype

Columbia Pictures has launched the official website for the anticipated sequel, The Legend of Zorro. Directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, The Mask of Zorro, Goldeneye), the epic adventure reunites Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It opens in theaters on October 28th.

The site includes a lot of features worth browsing through. You can collect weapons and enter the Shooting Gallery and/or collect all 9 icons for a special bonus in the game, which is coming soon. There are splash pages for each character with Media (trailer and a ton of new photos) and Downloads (wallpapers, IM icons, a screensaver and poster).

The year is 1850 and our swashbuckling crusader is challenged by the most dangerous mission of his life. After fighting to help California become the 31st state of the Union, Zorro (Banderas) must live up to the promise he made his wife Elena (Zeta-Jones) – to give up his secret identity and live a normal life as Alejandro de la Vega. When he hesitates, it threatens to tear them apart. Now, the same forces that conspired to keep California from becoming part of the United States are plotting to unleash a threat that has been 500 years in the making, a threat that could change the course of history forever. And only Zorro can stop it.

Click here to enter the site!

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Happy Birthday ADAM WEST

by Chris Mason

Greetings good citizens, Superhero Hype! would like to wish TV’s Batman, Adam West a very Happy 75th Birthday!

Adam West doned the cape and cowl along with Burt Ward as the boy wonder, in the 1960’s classic camp series BATMAN. And forever left a lasting inpression on a generation of Bat-fans!

Visit for more on the further adventures of Adam West!

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Mainframe & Harris on the Animated Spider-Man Series

by SuperHeroHype

The Calgary Sun talked to both Mainframe Entertainment and Neil Patrick Harris, who voices Peter Parker/Spidey, about the animated Spider-Man series coming to Canada…

“It’s the most sophisticated computer animation ever for television,” says Mainframe’s Steven Wendland, referring to the eye-popping blend of 2D animation — they tried to make the characters look as though they stepped off a comic book panel — with more bleeding-edge 3D work.

“It’s a far cry from the Smurfs,” quips Harris. “The visual style is very cool. It’s pretty stunning … The action scenes are like watching a movie.”

Visit the source link above for the full story!

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by SuperHeroHype

Welcome to what we hope will be the first in a series of SHH spotlights on “Superhero Filmmakers” – Featuring fan-made films for superhero fans!

With the current onslaught of Superheroes these days both on the big and small screens, it’s good to know that even and unknown hero can have HER day! Enter RetroGirl, the creation of independent filmmaker Andy Rodriquez of Phoenix Arizona. If you were more than a little disappointed by the WB’s ‘Birds of Prey’ and the lack of real comic book costumed action… look no further! RetroGirl is a time-traveling, butt kicking heroine that looks pretty damn good in tight fitting spandex.

The basic premise finds college student Jessica de la Fuente given her “retro” powers (a costume & retroband) from mysterious time traveler RetroWoman. With her new-found powers, Jessica in full RetroGirl gear must try and save the life of a friend all the while being pursued by a Temporal Sentinel stalking her every move. Andy has produced three continuing episodes in the RetroGirl saga with a forth episode in the works. Interestingly each episode has featured a different actress in the roll of RetroGirl. Melissa Brady-Black, Tawnya Gentleman & Katina Baloun (respectively). This has not stopped the filmmaker from dealing with this change in a creative yet affective way, you see RetroGirl with the help of RetroWoman has the ability to change her appearance. RetroGirl #2, Tawnya Gentleman (pictured) seems to be the hands down favorite with fans, and we must say she does fill out the costume nicely!

SHH asked Andy what his influences were, how he shot the films and what the future holds for RetroGirl.

”Growing up, my favorite comic was the Fantastic Four and their sense of teamwork that sometimes came at a price. I didn’t get into Batman or Spider-Man until young adulthood. Of course, I had discovered the super females: Batgirl, PowerGirl, Supergirl and like any 14 year old, found them intriguing. As a result, my fans seem to really love the work with the super heroines I’ve created. Sexy, independent, willing to fight if need be to protect themselves or others. RetroGirl is shot on digital video with a film-mask. It looks like 35mm in most places and has an “X-Files” look to it. RetroGirl Episode Four: Nightmare, will be a combination of the sexy imagery of Episode Two and the sci-fi action/horror of Episode Three. You will see RetroGirl trapped in a living nightmare. I don’t want to give it all away, but this adventure will be her descending further and further into a nightmare with all the elements super heroines fear. The script pulls no punches…We’ll leave it at that. Production begins on episode four in April”

You can check out Andy Rodriguez’s New Phoenix Filmworks website for more on RetroGirl and his other creation Dark Fury.

Source: Superhero Hype!

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