Man-Thing Poster and Release Date Press Release!

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Artisan Entertainment has sent Superhero Hype! a look at the new poster for Man-Thing which you can see here. We also received the following full press release on the August 27, 2004 release date.


Directed by Horror / Action Visionary Brett Leonard, Latest Big Screen Project Based On A Marvel Comics’ Cult Favorite Wraps Production Ahead of Schedule

Los Angeles, CA, October 23, 2003 – Artisan Entertainment will bring MAN-THING, a collaboration between Marvel Studios and Fierce Entertainment, based on the popular Marvel Comics’ character, to theatres nationwide on August 27, 2004. The announcement made by Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad, Artisan Pictures’ President of Production Richard Saperstein, Artisan Entertainment Executive Vice President Patrick Gunn and Fierce Entertainment’s CEO Christopher Petzel comes as the project wraps production ahead of schedule following an incredibly successful eight-week shoot.

Adapted to the screen by Hans Rodionoff from the original 1970’s Marvel comic book character and directed by Brett Leonard, MAN-THING was produced by Marvel Studios and Fierce Entertainment in association with German equity fund Screenland Movieworld.

Marvel’s terrifying creature of the swamp, MAN-THING screams onto our screens in the new horror motion picture that presents a very different kind of character to the usual Marvel superhero. Based on the cult comic book series that was first published in 1971, the MAN-THING is a vengeful creature born from the evil and injustices perpetrated against both man and nature.

“MAN-THING has been an unbelievably exciting project for us. We have always felt that this character’s story would translate incredibly well to the big screen as it mixes horrifying action with a truly mesmerizing and frightful anti-hero,” said Mr. Arad. “Brett is seen as one of the true pioneers in the creation of revolutionary computer-generated and mechanical effects and we now seen first-hand why. His powerful creative vision has helped bring this character to life in a thoroughly compelling manner – so much that we have decided to fast track it for release next summer, fully confident in its worldwide appeal.”

Commented Mr. Gunn, ““Uncharacteristic of the typical Marvel characters brought to life on the big screen, MAN-THING brings a chilling component not previously showcased in Marvel comic based films. We feel this film impressively introduces MAN-THING in a manner that will really thrill the viewing public .”

MAN-THING is directed by effects pioneer Brett Leonard, whose talents in the horror Sci-Fi genre have been proven by motion pictures such as groundbreaking visual effects thriller “The Lawnmower Man” and “Virtuosity” starring Academy-Award winners Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. He also directed one of the most successful Imax projects ever, the 3-D “T-Rex Back to the Cretaceous,” which grossed over US$100 million worldwide.

Director Brett Leonard, Fierce Entertainment and Marvel Studios assembled a truly outstanding team of professionals in bringing MAN-THING to life. The film was shot by award-winning Director of Photography Steve Arnold (“Terra Nova”, “La Spagnola”). Production design was handled by Peter Pound (storyboards for “Babe” and Alex Proyas’ “Dark City”) and Tim Ferrier (“Farscape”), while the substantial visual effects work is being performed by Omnilab and Rising Sun (“The Core”, “Queen of The Damned”). Special effects and prosthetics work was provided by The Make-Up Effects Group (“The Matrix” and “Babe”).

The ensemble cast include Australian icon Jack Thompson (“Original Sin”, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, “Broken Arrow”), whose breakout role in the feature film “Breaker Morant” directed by Bruce Beresford earned him numerous accolades including Best Supporting Actor at the Cannes Film Festival and an AFI Award for Best Actor, and acclaimed New Zealand actor Rawiri Paratene who excited critics around the world with his performance in the recent independent hit “Whale Rider”.

The cast also features newcomers Matt Le Nevez (“Garage Days” diected by Alex Proyas), Rachel Taylor (“Natalie Wood – Hollywood’s Last Child” by Peter Bogdanavich), and Steve Bastoni (“The Matrix Reloaded”, “Enter The Matrix”).

Producer Avi Arad is President and CEO of Marvel Studios. Following the record-breaking success of the box office smash hit, “Spider-Man” (Columbia Pictures), and the establishment of two more proven franchises in his first Marvel features – “Blade” (New Line) and X-Men: The Movie (Twentieth Century Fox) – Arad has numerous film projects based on Marvel super heroes in various stages of development. He has aligned Marvel with several prominent studios to produce full-feature films including: Twentieth Century Fox (“X-Men 2”, “The Silver Surfer”, “Fantastic Four”, “Daredevil,” and “Elektra”), Sony Pictures (“Spider-Man 2”, “Ghost Rider”), Universal Studios (“The Hulk”, “Namor”), New Line (“Iron Man”), Dimension (“Werewolf By Night”, “Dr. Strange”), Artisan Entertainment (“The Punisher”) and Paramount (“Deathlok”). His reputation has attracted some of Hollywood’s most prestigious directors (i.e. Sam Raimi, Ang Lee and Bryan Singer) and writers who are helping translate the ever-popular Marvel super heroes for the big screen.

MAN-THING was shot completely on location in Sydney, Australia. Specific locations included Wiseman’s Ferry, Serenity Cove Studios at Kurnell for exterior swamp scenes and Homebush Bay where an elaborate supernatural swamp environment was created on a sound stage.

Artisan Entertainment Inc. is the leading independent producer and distributor of theatrical, television and home entertainment product. The company coordinates its business activities through two wholly owned operating divisions, Artisan Pictures and Artisan Home Entertainment. The Artisan Pictures division is responsible for the development, production, marketing and distribution of the company’s annual slate of theatrical films. The Artisan Home Entertainment division has an extensive library of over 7,000 titles, which includes its own properties, as well as a wide spectrum of films from Academy Award winning classics to blockbusters and cult favourites.

Fierce Entertainment, LLC is an entertainment financing and production company formed in early 2001 by Christopher Petzel. The company has executive produced a number of feature films and provided transaction advisory services to leading entertainment companies around the world. Fierce Entertainment has arranged over US$40 million of production financing and advised on over US$100 million of corporate entertainment transactions. For additional information visit

Marvel Enterprises, Inc. is a leading global character-based entertainment company that has developed and owns a library of more than 4,700 characters, which have entertained generations around the world for over 60 years. Marvel’s operations are focused in entertainment and consumer product licensing and comic book publishing. Marvel Studios supports the development of feature films, DVD/video products and TV series. Marvel’s creative team also supports the creation of video games and toy lines based on its characters as well as for a broad and growing range of consumer products and services including apparel, collectibles, foods and promotions. Marvel’s comic book division is a leading publisher in the global marketplace while also serving as an invaluable source of intellectual property. Marvel’s Toy Biz division is a recognized creative force and leader in toy design, sales and marketing, developing and overseeing both licensee and in-house toy lines. For additional information visit

Source: Artisan Entertainment

Happy Birthday Sam and Ang!

by SuperHeroHype

‘Stuart Green’ alerted us that two superhero directors are celebrating their birthdays today.

I just thought you’d like to know today is the 44th birthday of “Spider-Man II” director Sam Raimi, and the 49th birthday of “Hulk” director Ang Lee.

We hope Sam and Ang have a great day!

Source: Stuart Green

Imogen Bailey on the Man-Thing Movie

by SuperHeroHype

The Sunday Tasmanian talked to Sydney popstar Imogen Bailey who will soon be seen in Man-Thing

The 155cm-tall bikini model for men’s magazines FHM and Ralph is also awaiting the release of her first movie, Man-Thing, a horror flick filmed in Sydney.

It will be the first big-screen appearance for Bailey, 25. The film, the latest to be based on a Marvel Comics character, was shot mainly at Homebush, where a huge swamp was built.

Although contractual obligations prevented Bailey revealing too much about the film, she said it had been “a lot of fun” to work on. “Acting feels like a glove that fits – I really enjoyed it,” she said. “Working with the director, Brett Leonard (The Lawnmower Man), was fantastic. I learnt a lot from him.”

Man-Thing is described as a frightening creature movie in the tradition of the classic thrillers Alien and Jaws. The plot centres on an oil baron who drills oil wells in a sacred Indian swamp and awakens the mystical monster, who is the soul and spirit of the swamp. When the monster rises from the depths of the swamp, seeking revenge, a string of deaths follows.

Bailey joins an all-Australian cast including Jack Thompson, his son, Ground Force carpenter Patrick, and Steve Bastoni.

Source: Sunday Tasmanian

Spectral Motion Creating Blade: Trinity F/X

by SuperHeroHype

Spectral Motion, Incorporated owner Mike Elizalde told Superhero Hype! that his company is creating the animatronics and makeup effects for Blade: Trinity.

Spectral Motion is the studio that has been awarded the prosthetics and animatronics build for the film. We were up against FX veteran studios KNB Effects Group and Edge FX among others for the gig. We just finished shooting Guillermo del Toro’s HELLBOY in Prague and began production of the effects for David S. Goyer upon my return in August. We are a new effects studio which prides itself on the incredible talent pool we attract. In the wake of Rick Baker’s decision to close his studio, we have the enviable privilege of working with Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuji on this project. Kazu enjoys a brilliant reputation and is among the most prolific artists in our field. In addition to Mr. Tsuji, we are also fortunate enough to boast the talents of Steve Wang (art director/creature designer), Mark Setrakian (lead mechanical engineer), Norman Cabrera (art director/creature designer) and many other effects veterans.

Great stuff, stay tuned for more from Mike about the film!

Source: Spectral Motion, Incorporated

Ghost Rider is on Track

by SuperHeroHype

In an article talking about a new project for Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson, Variety mentions that he will be doing Ghost Rider first….

“Daredevil” director Mark Steven Johnson has scared up an MGM pitch deal for “Succubus,” a horror film with comic elements that Johnson will direct right after he completes “Ghost Rider” with Nicolas Cage.

A “Succubus” scribe will be secured quickly, and Johnson and Foster will supervise development as Johnson directs Cage in the Columbia adaptation of the Marvel Comics character “Ghost Rider.” Johnson will then move over and direct a film he said aspires to the playful tone of “An American Werewolf in London.”

Very cool to hear, stay tuned for more news on the project.

Source: Variety

Yvonne Navarro Writing the Hellboy Movie Novelization

by SuperHeroHype

Bram Stoker Award winning novelist Yvonne Navarro has been asked to do the novelization for the Hellboy movie.

The author of thirteen published novels including “AfterAge,” “Mirror Me,” “Final Impact,” as well as the “Species” movie novelizations, “Aliens: Music of the Spears” and several “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” novels, Yvonne says she’s very excited about working on the project.

The novelization will be available from Simon and Schuster in mass market paperback and will be a must collectible for Hellboy fans as well as fans of Yvonne Navarro, who now has five novels scheduled to be published in 2004.

Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy, is extremely happy that Yvonne will be the writer for the novel adaptation. Here’s how Simon and Schuster describe the movie:

“In the final days of World War II, the Nazis attempt to use occult magic to aid their dying cause. The Allies raid the camp where the ceremony is taking place, but not before a demon — Hellboy — has already been conjured. Joining the Allied forces, Hellboy eventually grows to adulthood, serving the cause of good rather than evil and fighting against his own dark beginnings.”

You can visit Navarro’s official website here!

Source: Simon and Schuster

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