A New Phantom Movie in the Works

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Crusader Entertainment and Hyde Park have tapped Olympic gold medalist-turned-feature film screenwriter Mel Stewart to write a project based on The Phantom comics.

The comic has been adapted for the screen before. Billy Zane, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kristy Swanson and Treat Williams teamed to star in the Simon Wincer-directed 1996 feature, which grossed $17 million at the box office.

The superhero, clad in a purple suit, has no supernatural powers but appears immortal and fights evil in Africa. It is understood that the updated version will be modernized.

“While I like the comic book franchises of the 1990s, I always wanted to be able to identify with my hero more,” Stewart said. “Take all of the technology of 2004, where science fiction is no longer that — it’s science fact. If you had all that technology at your fingerprints, you would be a superhero.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Guillermo del Toro Gives Another Hellboy Update

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More great stuff from Hellboy director on the official site’s Message Board. Here are some of the highlights…

It’s already been two weeks. We are still in the cutting room. First off, some news: We re-launch the site -this site- in Halloween night. Be sure to check in, there will be a handful of tasty goodies to be looked at… A TEASER poster will be up in NOvember, then banners in December and -finally- the Drew poster in January or so… The TRAILER will be attached to LAST SAMURAI, yes, but it could also debut with Ron Howard’s THE MISSING, time permitting… AS soon as the trailer is up in thetres we will post the much-seen “sizzle reel” that was shown at the licensing shows. It will be shown in 3 parts for easier download.

There’s much more at the link above, including word on the 2.5 disc DVD release!

Source: Official Site

Brendan Fraser Talks Superman

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After all the rumors about Brendan Fraser being a frontrunner for the new Superman movie, he’s finally talked about it to USA Weekend

Superman would be both interesting and heroic, and Fraser is giving thought to playing him. “I’m not sure that film is going to get made, so stay tuned,” he says. But he might like the role if the timing is right. The problem? “The actor who plays that role is forevermore identified as that character. Is it right for me? I don’t know.”

The full interview is available at the source link above.

Source: USA Weekend

The 18″ Hellboy Movie Figure & Official Site Update

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Action-Figure.com has up some great pictures of the 18″ Hellboy movie figure. You can get all the details and a look at the pics at the link above!

Meanwhile, Sony Pictures revealed today that the official website for the movie will be relaunched next week on Halloween with new pictures and great new features. Stay tuned for that.

Source: Action-Figure.com, Sony Pictures

Sanaa Lathan vs. Alien vs. Predator

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Twentieth Century Fox announced today that the studio has finalized casting for Alien vs. Predator, in which the iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever, battle each other for the first time on film.

Alien vs. Predator (also known as AvP) begins principal photography October 28, in Prague. Fox releases the film August, 2004.

The studio auditioned hundreds of actresses for the coveted lead role of explorer and adventurer Alexia “Lex” Kline, who finds herself caught between two alien races engaged in the ultimate battle. Sanaa Latham, currently starring with Denzel Washington in “Out of Time,” takes on the role, which will remind fans of another iconic action heroine: Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley of the “Alien” film franchise. Latham also starred in the recent Fox Searchlight hit “Brown Sugar.”

Raoul Bova, who appears opposite Diane Lane in “Under the Tuscan Sun,” portrays Sebastian Wells, an archaeologist pursuing a buried civilization in Antarctica, only to make an even more terrifying discovery. One of the most popular actors in contemporary Italian cinema, Bova currently is featured in a series of provocative GAP ads.

Lance Henriksen, who appeared in “Aliens” (as the android “Bishop”) and “Alien 3,” portrays Charles Bishop Weyland, a billionaire industrialist who funds and leads the Antarctic project that unearths the warring Alien and Predator races.

Also taking on a key role is British actor Ewen Bremmer, who plays a wayward pilot in “The Rundown,” and co-starred in “Black Hawk Down” and “Trainspotting.”

Source: 20th Century Fox

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