Alien vs. Predator Teaser Trailer Description

by SuperHeroHype

‘Mark’ sent us this description of the Alien vs. Predator teaser trailer which started playing today in limited theaters with “Alien: The Director’s Cut”.

I attended a preview of “Alien: The Director’s Cut” last night and attached was a teaser for “Alien vs. Predator.” From what I remember there were a lot of close-up shots and the Predator “clicking” sound. As it showed close-ups of the Predator and Alien, a tagline came up: “Whoever wins…We lose.” Then the logo was AVP and it said “Coming to Earth 8/6/2003.

Thanks for the heads up!

Source: Mark

UPDATED – New Constantine Set Pictures!!

by SuperHeroHype

‘Kyle’ sent us a great scan from the latest issue of People magazine. The picture features Keanu Reeves running on the Los Angeles set of Warner Bros.’ Constantine on October 17.

UPDATE: ‘White Jedi’ found three more pictures in Italian weekly magazine Sorrisi & Canzoni, which include the first look at Rachel Weisz on the set.

You can check out all four pictures here!

Source: Kyle, White Jedi

Catwoman Casting Call!

by SuperHeroHype

The Pulse has up some details on a Catwoman casting call that’s taking place within the next few days…

African American Female needed to work on Halle Berry film Catwoman We need an African American female who is descent performer who can throw around a sport bike (1100cc) like a pro.

For more info contact [email protected] ONLY! you make note that should note that this e-mail address will close the day after the audition. if you plug up this e-mail addres, chances are you won’t be on my “good people list” NOT TO MENTION BLOWING IT FOR OTHERS.

There will be an open audition held on the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angles California for people of black/African American descent.

Hit the link above for more information on this. Thanks to ‘Dennis’.

Source: Pulse

Michael McKean Talks Perry White on Smallville

by SuperHeroHype

Michael McKean talked to TV Guide about his starring role as Perry White on tonight’s Smallville. Story spoilers ahead…

Since Smallville is set in Superman’s teen years, Perry White isn’t yet the editor-in-chief of that venerable Metropolis newspaper, The Daily Planet. In fact, at this point in his life, White’s a down-on-his-luck loser.

“Perry had been a respected investigative journalist and kind of lost it in the bottom of a bottle,” McKean says. “He also got stung by a few big fish he went after, one of which is Lionel Luthor, whose dirty fingers are in everything. We’re unclear on what he has on Luthor or vice versa, but there’s old history there.”

White comes to Smallville on assignment for X-Styles, which McKean calls “an Unsolved Mysteries-type freak show. He observes some unusual things about a Smallville citizen named Clark Kent and becomes obsessed with Kent as the big story. He begins the episode as a guy at the end of his rope, but he finds redemption along the way. He learns that finding the big story isn’t all there is to life.”

You can check out the full interview at the link above.

Source: TV Guide

Two Alien vs. Predator Posters Coming!

by SuperHeroHype

Scooper ‘Jugger Grimrod’ sent in this interesting bit…

Just thought I would let you know that I just received word tonight that the advance one-sheet movie posters for Aliens Vs. Predator have been printed and should be hitting theaters within the next few weeks. Two advance styles were made, one deplicting the Predator and the other of Aliens. Both posters state Summer 2004 on them and the title “AVP” on them. Most poster dealers won’t even be able to get them, they are going to be that rare.

Stay tuned for the actual images!

Source: Jugger Grimrod

The Hulk Hits DVD & Video Today

by SuperHeroHype

Universal Studios Home Video is releasing director Ang Lee’s The Hulk on DVD and Video today, October 28.

The 2-Disc Special Edition DVD includes deleted scenes, audio commentary with the director, an inside look at the creation of the spectacular dogfight scene, an interactive exploration of the Hulk’s physical capabilities, follow the evolution of Marvel’s strongest superhero from the comic book pages to the technology that brought Hulk to the big screen, see the motion capture suit define the Hulk’s reactions at ILM, insert the DVD into an Xbox and play an entire level of the game, and renowned artists from around the world recreate a scene from the film in their own animation styles.

You can get your copy by clicking here!

Source: Superhero Hype!

Universal Pictures Adapting The Psycho

by SuperHeroHype

Universal Pictures has optioned DC Comics’ The Psycho, with Circle of Confusion attached to produce.

Written by James Hudnall and drawn by Dan Brereton, The Psycho was originally published in 1991 as a three-comic miniseries.

The comic book tells the story of a man forced to become what he hates most, a superhuman agent who serves the government, in order to prove himself innocent of a crime he didn’t commit.

Source: Variety

AUDIO CLIP: Halle Berry Talks Catwoman!!

by SuperHeroHype

Chuck the Movieguy at talked to Halle Berry about her upcoming role in the Warner Bros. adaptation, Catwoman.

You can check out the clip at the link above!


X2 Goodies with Xbox Magazine

by SuperHeroHype

‘Hiruu’ sent in this bit about the new issue of Xbox magazine.

I just got my subcription for Xbox magazine and they’ve got some nice add-ons for X2. They have a 3 minute bio of Nightcrawler, the Movie Trailer, DVD TV spot and the menu for the DVD. The menu looks great and I can’t wait for this puppy to be released!

The upcoming DVD can be pre-ordered here.

Source: Hiruu

The Punisher & Man-Thing Studio Bought by Lions Gate

by SuperHeroHype reports that Artisan, who together with Marvel is making The Punisher and Man-Thing movies, is being bought by Lions Gate…

Lions Gate Entertainment said Monday that it agreed to acquire Artisan Entertainment, a private independent film producer and distributor, for $160 million cash, plus the assumption of debt.

The proposed acquisition will create a company with more than 8,000 entertainment titles, the companies said.

“We enter 2004 with our strongest theatrical slate ever with franchise properties like ‘Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights’ (co-produced with Miramax Films) and Marvel’s incredible comic book legend ‘The Punisher’,” said Artisan Chief Executive Amir.

No word on whether or not the Artisan logo will still be with The Punisher and Man-Thing when the films hit theaters, or whether they will be labeled as Lions Gate features.


Cool New Michel Vaillant Site Online!

by SuperHeroHype

‘Millennium Movies’ pointed us to the cool official site for the French comic book adaptation, Michel Vaillant

The official site has a total new makeover with tons of goodies and pictures (very beautiful images). But be aware the site is in shockwave and will be a fullscreen site once you enter. Most of it is in french though but you can still browse trough the menu. To do so just go on the top left hand of the site and click on the +. You can also listen to the songs of the 1st album from the movie by dragging your mouse over the right top hand and click on the songs.

You can check out the website here.

Source: Millennium Movies

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