Avi Arad talks Spidey, Iron Fist & Ghost Rider

IESB caught up with producer Avi Arad on the set of Fantastic Four. He talked about Iron Fist, the future of Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Brian Singer and who will be at the helm of X-Men 3.

Due to the recent comments of Sam Raimi regarding Spiderman most of us were taking the fact that 3 would be the magic number with a grain of salt.

No one wants to see such a well made franchise come to an end so quickly. Mr. Arad stated that Sam Raimi miscommunicated. He definately foresees more Spiderman movies to come but they like looking at one movie at a time and not beyond.

On the subject of X-Men 3, he also shared a few tidbits. He told the IESB that the reasons behind Brian Singer jumping ship to take the helm of Superman mainly had to do with money. He was simply offered more to do Superman. There wasn’t any falling out or bad blood.

Is Joss Whedon being considered as rumored? Arad says yes. If I was a bettin’ man by the look that Avi Arad gave leads us to believe that Joss Whedon may indeed be directing X-Men 3…serious gut feeling people.

The Iron Fist project is not a prioirity for Marvel right now. Ray Park is still attached but it is still way down the line due to so many other projects planned at this time.

One more to go. So far as Ghost Rider is concerned. Jon Voight is out as an actor. He will not have a part. But, he has moved into a producing position and remains attached to the project.

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