The Mandalorian Season Three Character Posters Debut

Much has happened in the world of The Mandalorian since season 2 ended. At that point, Din Djarin had a team in place to take on Moff Gideon. When next we saw him in The Book of Boba Fett, however, he was alone. Even his newest spaceship has no room for passengers, save Grogu in a modified droid port. We may not find out exactly what happened, since Cara Dune (Gina Carano) will likely never be spoken of again. Three new Mandalorian season 3 character posters, however, suggest where the show’s focus will lie this time.

First up, obviously, the reunited Din and Grogu. The diminutive Force wielder rejected Luke Skywalker’s offer of Jedi training and Yoda’s lightsaber to continue his travels with space Dad. Now, rather than a selfless quest to return Grogu to the Jedi, Din’s taking care of number one, by returning to Mandalore for penance after removing his helmet.

Then there’s Bo-Katan, who may not be so friendly this time. After all, she wants the Darksaber, and must beat Din in battle to rightfully wield it. Will she follow him to Mandalore and do it there?

Greef Karga, on the other hand, seems to have developed a cushy position of authority. With his power, he can offer stability to Mando and Child, if they want that. Clearly, they do not. There’d be very little of a series if they opted for no more adventures.

The story continues on Disney+ starting March 1. What do you think of these Mandalorian season 3 character posters? Let us know in comments.

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