A Super Battle Is Coming in The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Photos

This year, The Walking Dead had to wait longer than usual to show the Season 10 finale. The episode should have aired back on Apr. 12, but the COVID-19 outbreak prevented AMC from finishing the post-production special effects. Now, time is almost up, and the television network has released a brand new set of photos to pump up the fans. The stills don’t reveal too much in terms of plot details, but one of them features Daryl surrounded by a zombie horde. From the pic, it seems that he is making his way thanks to a Whisperer holding Daryl’s hoodie. The expert tracker bears a knife in each of his hands. The photos also offer a closer look at Carol holding her bow. Since both characters will soon get a spin-off series, they probably both survive.

You can check The Walking Dead Season 10 finale photos in the gallery below.

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Greg Nicotero directed “A Certain Doom,” from a story by  Jim Barnes, Eli Jorné, and Corey Reed. AMC has yet to release an official synopsis for the episode.

The story so far featured Beta leading his horde of walkers to Alexandria’s gates, only to find it empty as the Alexandrians sheltered in a nearby hospital. Shortly after discovering their new location, Beta brought his horde right there. And it seems that a significant and conclusive clash is coming between the Whisperers and the Alexandrians.

The Walking Dead Season 10 finale airs on AMC on Sunday, Oct. 4. The television network announced six extra Season 10 episodes scheduled for early next year.

What do you expect from The Walking Dead Season 10 finale? Let us know in the comments section below.

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