The Green Lantern and The Flash Movies Are Still a Priority for DC

There is a lot of excitement at DC Films headquarters. It seems like the new year is going to bring the fans a lot of news. Given the box office results of DC’s latest projects — Todd Phillips’ Joker most of all — they are starting to dream big. According to a report by Variety, there will be some big surprises coming in the near future.

One of DC’s big dreams is making a box-office success based on the adventures of Green Lantern. Even though the first attempt back in 2011 was a box-office bomb, it seems that DC has learned from its previous mistakes. Recently, an HBO Max TV series focused on Green Lantern has been discussed with Greg Berlanti. This may lead to his involvement in a Green Lantern Corps feature film written by Geoff Johns.

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Another project which presumably is going to see the green light soon is a Flash movie, with Ezra Miller portraying DC’s fastest superhero on the big screen. At the moment, the project has It director Andy Muschietti helming the movie, while Bumblebee screenwriter Christina Hodson is writing the story. There is a slight hitch, though, as Miller is currently set to appear in the upcoming third Fantastic Beasts movie. It’s unlikely that production can begin until 2021.

Unfortunately, with these reports comes also a confirmation that fans will never see the fabled Syder cut of 2017’s Justice League. One knowledgeable insider told Variety that “there’s no way it’s ever happening.”

Do you think that a new Green Lantern movie will see the green light soon? What about a movie devoted to Barry Allen’s adventures? Let us know your guess in the comments section below.