Robert Downey Jr. Recalls Working With Stan Lee in Civil War

Stan Lee‘s cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will always be regarded with much affection not only from the fans around the world, but also from the stars who acted in the movies. After his departure from this world in 2018’s November, many shared the recollection of their last moments spent with him. In a recent interview with the Howard Stern Show, Robert Downey Jr. recalled the last time he worked with the father of the Marvel Universe.

“One of the last times I saw him, we were shooting Civil War,” Downey Jr. said. “And in his cameo that day was he’s, I think a UPS delivery man, and he had a great line. He goes, ‘I have a package for Tony Stank.'”

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The Iron Man franchise star then confessed that even Lee struggled to tell the difference between reality and fiction sometimes.

“That was one of the last times I saw him, and the crazy thing was… he said that on the first take,” Downey Jr. added. “He nailed it, then they go, ‘Alright, resetting, let’s do it again.’ And after that, he started saying, ‘I have a package for Robert, uhh…’ And I said, ‘Oh my God it’s wild, even the guy who created the character thinks of me in a moment where he’s talking about the character… This is so meta. Stan Lee is forgetting who I am in this moment.”

Over the years, Robert Downey Jr. became so good at playing Tony Stark, that even fans struggled to tell the difference between him and Iron Man. Lee’s error on the set of Civil War is more than understandable.

You can watch the full interview in the player below.

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