Check out HBO’s SDCC His Dark Materials Trailer

Now that its warhorse Game of Thrones has wrapped things up, HBO is looking for the next big fantasy thing. And its name may be His Dark Materials, the upcoming fantasy series based Philip Pullman’s novels. If you think that the previous statement is an exaggeration, let’s just say that the series will feature an armored polar bear. And his role is pivotal in the story.

“This is an anti-superhero story, in that if this was a superhero story you’d be following the Lord Asriel part,” series writer Jack Thorne said (via THR). “There’s people that are seeking greatness in this story, and there are people that are following their own goodness. And the thing I love about Lyra is she is constantly following the path of the good. I really believe that we should be following our goodness right now and we aren’t getting distracted by greatness. …There’s something very beautiful about the way that Philip sees the world and the way he communicates this world.”

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During its Tuesday panel, HBO released the full trailer of the series. The cast includes Dafne Keen (Logan), James McAvoy (Dark Phoenix), Ruth Wilson (Luther) and Lin Manuel-Miranda (Mary Poppins Returns). In a parallel universe where all humans have animal companions called dæmons, the young Lyra, a girl living a sheltered life among the academics at Jordan College, Oxford, discovers a dangerous secret.

Part of Philip Pullman’s novel series was transported to the big screen in The Golden Compass, starring Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Dakota Blue Richards, and Eva Green. The 2007 movie, though, covered just Pullman’s first novel, also called Northern Lights.

Check the His Dark Materials trailer out in the player below.

His Dark Materials will premiere in late 2019. What do you think about the series trailer? Let us know your first impression in the comments section below.