Spider-Man and Mysterio Survey London in China’s New Far From Home Poster

We’re two weeks away from Spider-Man: Far From Home’s debut, and moviegoers still don’t know what to make of Peter Parker’s relationship with Mysterio. Longtime Marvel fans know that Quentin Beck is one of the webslinger’s toughest enemies. Regardless, the film’s marketing campaign continues to portray them as partners in the fight against the Elementals. The latest poster, which advertises the movie’s release in China, is no different.

Via CBR, the new poster depicts Spider-Man standing back-to-back with Mysterio as they look out over a burning London cityscape. The poster is reminiscent of the famous Iron Man 2 one-sheet that featured Iron Man and War Machine. Although Tony Stark and Rhodey fought each other in that movie, they reconciled by the third act. Given Mysterio’s history in the comics, we can’t help but wonder if the opposite will play out between Peter and Beck in Far From Home.

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American audiences have to wait until July 2 to catch Far From Home in theaters, but China is getting it one week sooner on June 28. However, they won’t be the first ones to see it. That honor fell to a lucky group of reporters earlier this week. So far, critics are heaping effusive amounts of praise on Marvel Studios’ latest Spidey-centric adventure. And whatever Mysterio’s fate, the consensus seems to be that Jake Gyllenhaal was the perfect actor to bring the Master of Illusion to life.

You can check out the full new Spider-Man: Far From Home poster below, then tell us what you think in the comment section!

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