Exclusive Photo of Sideshow’s Joker Premium Format Figure from The Dark Knight

Sideshow’s The Joker premium format figure from The Dark Knight

Sideshow Collectibles has officially debuted the pre-order page for their The Joker Premium Format Figure from The Dark Knight and we’ve got an exclusive photo of everyone’s favorite clown-turned-criminal (pictured above)! Check out the photos and video of the figure below and pre-order yours by clicking here!

A vision of chaos and anarchy incarnate, Sideshow’s artists have captured every haunting detail of Heath Ledger as Batman’s greatest enemy, from his disheveled green hair to the creased lines of his heavy makeup, and chilling scars of his Glasglow smile. A man of simple tastes, the Joker comes dressed to the nines in his ‘cheap’ purple suit, with layers of expertly-tailored fabric costuming. Armed with serious firepower and demonstrating his flair for theatrics, the psychotic mastermind flaunts his calling card. Standing 19″ tall over the broken streets of Gotham, Sideshow’s Joker Premium Format Figure is a must-have for fans of The Dark Knight. Because collectors deserve a better class of criminal, and we’re going to give him to them.

The Dark Knight was released in 2008 to critical acclaim and went on to gross over $1 billion at the global box office and Heath Ledger was posthumously awarded the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his performance.