Darth Vader Visits Jabba’s Palace in the First Pages of Marvel’s New Comic Series

Back in July, Marvel Comics reveled their plans for the first Star Wars comics at the House of Ideas in almost 30 years. One of those new comics beginning next year is a solo Darth Vader series from Young Avengers writer Kieron Gillen and “X-Men” artist Salvador Larroca, and Marvel has debuted the first preview for the series where Vader pays a special visit to one of the most infamous locations in “Star Wars” lore, Jabba’s Palace! Check it out below!

Darth Vader #1 will be released in February of 2015. Its solicit reads as follows:

“Ever since Darth Vader made his first on-screen appearance, he became the one of the most popular villains to ever haunt an audience’s dreams! Now, follow Vader straight from the ending of “Star Wars: A New Hope” (and the pages of the new STAR WARS comic book) into his own series, showing the Empire’s war with the Rebel Alliance from the other side!”

You can find out more about Marvel’s “Star Wars” comics by clicking here.