Writer Chris Roberson Talks iZombie TV Series

While taking part in a Reddit AMA, Roberson was asked about the changes to the series and had this to say about the differences in the show and comic:

“I’ve read the script for the pilot, and it seems like it will make for good television. The core concept is the same as our comic, but they’ve used it as the basis for a new character and situation. I very much look forward to seeing how it turns out!”

“Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero will executive produce the series which sees “Once Upon a Time” star Rose McIver in the lead role. In the series, Liv works in a coroner’s office, and in order to maintain her humanity she’ll be forced to dine on the brains of the deceased, but in doing so she will absorb their memories and use it to solve their murders, among other crimes.