Comics: Marvel Announces The Fearless Defenders

Announced today, via Newsarama, the book  is officially titled The Fearless Defenders. As mentioned last week, Cullen Bunn will write the series with Will Sliney serving as the artist.

“It is going to be a team book. It’ll be an all-female team,” said Bunn “But I didn’t want to go into issue #1 and say, ‘here is the team.’ My goal is to take my time in building this team. I want to build it slowly — even after the first arc, the team will not be formed completely.

“You’ve got Misty, who’s a very street-level character. And you’ve got Valkyrie, who’s a goddess. So you’ve got very different backgrounds, and I think they will see their potential teammates very differently, and I think you’ll see that the two of them have some differences of opinion on who would be the right team for what they’re going to be facing.”

The new series starts in February.