CraveOnline Launches “Fanboy Funhouse”

CraveOnline has launched Fanboy Funhouse, hosted by Nar Williams. “Fanboy Funhouse” is a bi-monthly variety style web show with a fanboy’s insider look at the “most craved” topics in movies, gaming, comics, sports, gadgets and more.

There are three episodes available so far. You can check out the debut episode in which the wacky season starts off with a bang as Nar covers Avatar and contemplates what it would be like to be a Na’vi. The Fine Brothers also stop by the Funhouse to talk about their wildly popular web series.

In the second episode, Nar summons Orkon to consult the Draconomicon in an effort to stop Saug from giving into his dragonic blood lust. Jonathan uses his stealth to get on the inside of Obsidian Entertainment and get an update on the release of the anticipated game “Alpha Protocol.” On the comics front, Nar checks in with Odin, King of the Gods, for a “Siege” spoiler alert.

In Episode 3, Lobie & film critic Bibbiani review all of Nar’s acting works in a “Dork by Dorkwest”! Fanboy Funhouse covers South by Southwest as it invades Austin, Texas, and Jonathan London gets an exclusive interview with Alexandre Phillipe, Director of The People vs. George Lucas.

You can check out “Fanboy Funhouse” here!

Source: CraveOnline