Bek Smith to Write Netflix’s Adaptation of Mark Millar’s Reborn

It’s been well over a year since Netflix announced that it was turning Mark Millar and Greg Capullo’s Reborn into a movie. But now, the film finally has a writer. Via The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming service has enlisted Bek Smith to pen Reborn’s screenplay.

This actually won’t be Smith’s first time tackling a comic book adaptation. She’s currently working with Sony on their Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse spinoff headlined by female characters. Smith previously handled production rewrites on Captain Marvel and is also working on New Line’s 100 Bullets adaptation.

Millar and Capullo began publishing Reborn through Image Comics in 2016. The series is known for its unique depiction of the afterlife. After an 80-year-old woman dies, she’s literally reborn as a younger version of herself. She also reunites with old friends and loved ones who died before her. However, there’s a catch: they’ve been transported to a mysterious land where fantastical creatures like dragons roam free, and the woman’s late husband is nowhere to be found in this strange new realm. With this, the woman sets out on a journey to find him with her father and childhood dog in tow.

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Reborn is the latest Millar comic to get the live-action treatment following Netflix’s acquisition of the writer’s Millarworld imprint in 2017. The streaming service is also developing projects based on The Magic Order, Sharkey the Bounty Hunter, Space Bandits, and Jupiter’s Legacy.

The Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay is helming Reborn for Netflix. Sandra Bullock is producing the film through her Fortis Films banner. Additionally, Millar and Capullo are executive producing the movie alongside Vertigo Entertainment producers Roy Lee and Miri Moon. Samantha Nisenboim is serving as a co-producer.

Reborn is still without a release date.

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