Exclusive Images: McFarlane Toys’ Kickstarter Medieval Spawn

After Todd McFarlane launched a massively successful Kickstarter for a revamped, modernized version of his very first Spawn figure, it seemed to prove his point. There was a market for Spawn, and retailers suddenly got interested again. Spawn figures began showing up in Target, and not just from his Mortal Kombat guest appearance. A recent one, in fact, was Medieval Spawn. So when rumors swirled that Medieval Spawn would be the next Kickstarter figure, fans wondered why. If we can get it at retail, what’s the point?

The Devil’s in Those Details

Well, Superherohype can answer that, having gotten up close and personal with the prototype at Comic-Con. (Many thanks to the gang at McFarlane Toys for allowing us that access.) Simply put, the detail on this figure is insane. McFarlane Toys have, since their inception, always tried to one-up every other sculpt in the business, and it looks like they’ve succeeded again, to a level that might only be possible in a limited, carefully modified run.

Let’s move in for a closer look:

Now, also bear in mind that this is the bare-bones figure. The final one will have a cape, probably more obvious points of articulation, and a sword and shield.

Still, even if it comes to close to this…

The current plan is to have it cost about the same as the Kickstarter Spawn, which was $40, or $80 with an autograph. We can likely also count on a reproduction of the original pack-in comic, and probably a variant or two. Full plans will be rolled out soon.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on our exclusive images, below.